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WeStrive client app program overview
How WeStrive Works

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WeStrive is designed to offer the best and most convenient workout experience possible with your trainer. You can literally have your own calendar at your fingertips right from a certified personal trainer. Follow fitness plans, handle your Nutrition tracking, track your progress, message your trainer, and so much more!


What our amazing clients are saying

With so many personal trainers all over the world, it's amazing to hear the feedback their clients are giving them. It makes it even more fun when they can track their journey's on WeStrive.

I have LOVED working with Hailey and Torra!  I know that they take time listen and work hard to make a plan specific to my needs and goals. They’ve been accessible and helpful and want nothing more than to see me succeed in my health journey. The workouts are actually really fun and easy to follow. I get to go at my own pace and I have seen improvements everyday!

WeStrive Client - Maddy Baum
Maddy Baum
WeStrive Personal Training Client

What I enjoy about WeStrive is how I feel like I’m right there, in-person with my personal trainer. I log in and have access to my personalized work-out, to video demos (in case I’m uncertain of how to execute something new), and built in communication tools that help my trainer and I monitor my progress and keep it custom. It’s not like a generic exercise app that just draws up random routines and has you following an animated character that doesn’t coach you, respond to your needs, or even interact with you. Instead, I get to stay on track with my customized plan, and can interact and maintain a relationship with my real-life trainer. It allows me the flexibility and freedom to work out whenever and wherever I want to, while also providing me with structure and accountability.

WeStrive Client - Caralyn Turentine
Coralyn Turentine
WeStrive Client

Coach Mike tailors every workout to what I want and then includes what I don’t want because he understand balanced workouts and challenges me outside of the limits I didn’t even know I was setting in front of myself. He’s more than a trainer he genuinely is invested in my health and fitness journey and he celebrates all the small victories along the way. I feel so freaking after finishing one of his workouts! My favorite coach, for sure. 100%. 10/10 recommend him and WeStrive!

WeStrive Client - Lindsay
WeStrive Client

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Got questions? We have answers

What are the main features for clients on WeStrive?

WeStrive is 5-stars on both Apple and Android for a reason. Our app provides 100’s of amazing features that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The best features have to be the workout section, progression tracking, and the daily to-do list. These 3 sections make working out so much easier and help you reach your fitness/health goals faster than ever.

As a client, how do I get started on WeStrive?

As a client, your trainer will either invite you via email or send you a link to their website to apply. Once you’re invited/accepted, all you need to do is just sign-up in the WeStrive App on either iOS or Android.

Do I get to have my own WeStrive Client Profile?

Yes! Whether you have a trainer or not you’re able to follow workouts, track progress, set goals, and have a dashboard on both the website and mobile app.

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