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Don’t settle for a personal training software that gives you 50% functionality for 2x the price.

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Independent Personal Training Gyms

Manage all your independent coaches

WeStrive Reports - Coaches

Manage all your independent coaches

With WeStrive, you're able to handle analytics and reporting across all your locations, all your coaches, and all your clients.

 At WeStrive, we'll track everything from revenue per client, revenue growth, client churn, and so much more.

Every trainer gets their own website and brand

Give every coach at your gym a free personal website complete with testimonials, pricing, subscription libraries, sign-up forms, and more! Want more? Each coach has the ability to have their own custom branding in the mobile app as well.

WeStrive personal training branding

Every trainer gets their own website and brand

Multi-location Management

Multi-location Management

Manage your coaches and clients across an unlimited number of locations. Set team permissions for each gym, assign coaches specific roles, and upload programs/exercises as templates for all your gyms to follow.

An unbeatable client experience

The WeStrive App is rated 5-stars on both iOS and Android for a reason - clients love us.

A beautiful calendar for your clients
Assign & graph client progress reports
Instantly receive & organize client feedback
WeStrive progress tracking features

An unbeatable client experience

Put your business on auto-pilot

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Put your business on auto-pilot

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Why Gyms love us

Intersect mobile app built by WeStrive
Logan Jennings with WeStrive

Logan Jennings - CEO @ Intersect

"Westrive is overall a great platform. The management team is incredible to work with and they provide both a great product as well as a great overall customer experience. If you are a gym or personal trainer trying to up your game, grow faster or increase revenue and overall customer experience, I would highly recommend using Westrive."

100% of gyms love WeStrive. Try it for yourself for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add other coaches or locations?

All you have to do is simply add their email to WeStrive and choose their role within your company. They'll receive an email to sign-up and can get started right away.

What are the best features on WeStrive?

WeStrive has so many incredible additional features. With that being said, our best features are definitely the free website that we provide you, our 5-star mobile app, and the fitness plan builder that we have built.

Can I hear from some trainers using WeStrive?

Of course! We have tons of reviews on websites like Capterra, G2, and both app stores. We also have a bunch of reviews from our coaches on our reviews page here. We'll have more reviews from our new gym users very soon.

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