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Build online fitness programs 5X faster than ever before with our library of 1500 exercise photos & videos, circuit-saving features, calendar editing, and so much more.

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WeStrive program building tool

WeStrive boasts the best program builder in the personal training industry.  Add circuits, warm-ups, AMRAPs, and so much more in just a few minutes!

Build Fitness Programs Faster Than Ever

Our program builder will change the way you build fitness plans for your clients forever. Quit wasting your precious time on PDFs, Excel documents, and texting your clients YouTube videos.

Exercise Video Database

WeStrive exercise database

WeStrive provides you with over 1500 exercise photo and video demonstrations with our video library.
Have your own content? Instantly upload as many of your own photos & videos as you want!

Templates & Saved Days

WeStrive Saved Workouts Builder

You've heard of the ability to save programs before... but what if we told you that with WeStrive you can also save Days, Circuits, Supersets, Cool-downs, and Warm-ups as well! Days and workouts can instantly be plugged into any of your programs!

Mobile Programs & 
Post Workout Feedback

3 app westrive

An online fitness program is only as good as the format that a client can follow it in. With the WeStrive mobile app, you can easily have your clients track their entire workout journey while following their custom schedule and exercise photos & videos.

After a client finishes their workout, they can easily leave an emoji review + a full response to how they felt about the workout. They're even able to leave feedback for each individual exercise as they're moving through the workout program.

Client Workout Tracking

WeStrive progress graphs

With WeStrive Workout & Progression tracking - you can easily see what exercises your clients are performing each day and then track their results over time!

1,000+ personal trainers and gyms are using WeStrive to grow their business...
why aren't you?

Frequently asked questions

How does program building software help trainers?

Program building software can save you countless hours each week when writing your client's fitness plans. The two main ways the software helps is by saving you time and by providing a much better client experience, which will both help grow your business.

Our software utilizes quick-templates, 1000's of fitness photos and videos, and simple calendars to help you build programs faster and easier than ever.

What are other top features for personal trainers on WeStrive?

WeStrive has so many incredible additional features. We help you with your client scheduling, give you a free website, provide you with a 5-star client app, offer group messaging tools, macro-tracking, and so much more!

Can I get a free trial of the program building software?

Yes, 100%.Every coach has a 14-day free trial that you can start at

Plus, your first client is always free. If you currently only have one client, you won't even have to pay to use all the features on WeStrive.

Build Beautiful Fitness Plans WeStrive Build Beautiful Fitness Plans - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)