Personal Training Reports and Analytics

You can only go so far in the personal training world without properly analyzing your business growth, client retention, and all the little things that end up making a huge difference.

Personal Training Reports and Analytics

Business Revenue Reporting

WeStrive Reports - Clients

Every sale that's processed through WeStrive will be added into the Business reports section. We'll track everything from revenue per client, revenue growth, client churn, and so much more.

Coach Analytics

WeStrive Reports - Coaches

Do you run a gym or own a business with multiple coaches? Well now you can not only track your client compliance - you can track your coaches compliance as well. This section will show how happy clients are with their workouts, breakdown compliance on a coach-by-coach basis, and highlight coach retention.

Location Reporting

WeStrive Reports - Locations

If you own a business with multiple locations, you can now zoom out and see how your entire business is doing on a location-by-location basis. We'll breakdown the revenue each location brings in, the coach compliance of each location, the growth/decline of the location, and more.

Client Feedback and Notes

WeStrive Saved Workouts Builder

On WeStrive, we let clients leave feedback for everything. They can give workouts reviews, comment on exercises, message you during workouts, and more. With WeStrive Note Reporting, you're able to review every note left with your business, all from one easy-to-use page.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I setup reports on WeStrive?

Reports are automatically setup for you. The moment you add a client, we'll begin pulling in their workout compliance, revenue per month, survey completion percentage, and more.

What types of reports can I get with WeStrive?

WeStrive will cover reports on billing, client workout compliance, nutrition compliance, coach message reply time, revenue per client, client happyness score, and so much more.

Can I get a free trial of the WeStrive reports and analytics software?

Yes, 100%.Every coach has a 14-day free trial that you can start at

Plus, your first client is always free. If you currently only have one client, you won't even have to pay to use all the features on WeStrive.

Personal Training Reports and Analytics Personal Training Reports - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)