Client Fitness Calendar & Journal

Stay on track of your fitness journey with your own personal WeStrive Client Fitness Calendar. Trainers can assign you fitness programs, nutrition plans, weigh-in requests, and so much more!

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Client Fitness Calendars

Access to the ultimate fitness calendar

When you train on WeStrive you have access to the ultimate fitness calendar. Working with a personal trainer can have a lot of benefits. Working with a personal trainer on WeStrive can have even more amazing benefits. Here are a few below.

WeStrive calendar features

Daily Fitness Calendar

If you're working with a personal trainer on WeStrive then following your workout schedule will be a breeze! Each day you'll receive everything from your fitness program for the day, progress photo requests, bodyweight weigh-in requests, cardio requests, and more!

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Fitness Program Overview

Once you're in the fitness program, you'll see just how easy it is to follow your workouts. Each plan has a full week-by-week breakdown and then a full day breakdown before you start your workout.

Start working out with the best app out there. Find a trainer on WeStrive or go tell your trainer to sign-up today!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to my calendar in the client app?

Once you’re in the WeStrive App, all you have to do is just click the calendar button in your bottom navigation and you’ll automatically load whatever day of the week it is.

As a client, can I see past workouts?

Yes, 100%. Just head to your calendar in the WeStrive App and you can see every workout you’ve ever done.

What all can be shown on the calendar?

Your WeStrive App calendar will show your daily workout program. You’ll also be able to see the macros your coach has assigned and your daily to-do list. Your to-do list can consist of surveys, habits, fitness tests, weigh-ins, progress photos, and more.

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