Client Inbox & Messaging

Easily message your personal training clients from the WeStrive website & mobile app. Create groups, send gifs, and more!

Client Inbox

Move all your messaging to the WeStrive Mobile App

Utilize Gifs, attachments, photos, and more when it comes to messaging your clients. Don't scatter your messaging across texts, WhatsApp, and Instagram. With WeStrive messaging, you can move your entire inbox into one place.

Easily Send Group Messages

WeStrive App inbox

Easily Send Group Messages

A huge benefit of the WeStrive App is that your client can message you on the go from the inbox tab! Easily send photos, Gifs, and more to your client. You can even setup groups and we've added the ability to reply to specific messages.

Are you doing a challenge or working with clients in a group? Instantly create a group message, give it a cover photo, and start messaging the group from your phone!

Web & mobile messaging

From your computer you can message all of your clients faster than ever before. Add gifs, attach documents, or even send videos - WeStrive messaging can do it all!

WeStrive inbox

Web & mobile messaging

Send Voice Messages

Send Voice Messages

You can now easily send voice messages back and forth with your clients! No need to switch to texting or Whats App, do it right from your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create group messages with my clients on WeStrive?

Yes, you 100% can! You can give the group a name and logo too.

Can my clients message each other in the WeStrive App?

Yes! As long as they’re in a group chat that you’ve created then they can message back and forth.

Can I message clients from the WeStrive website and app?

Yes! 100%, you have all the capabilities on the website as you do on the mobile app.

Client Inbox and Messaging Client Inbox and Messaging