Client Fitness Profile and Dashboard

As a personal trainer - you get to have every part of your client's journey stored in one place for your convenience. Track everything from measurements to journal entries.

Client Fitness Profile and Dashboard

Track your client's entire fitness journey

WeStrive will be their every step of the way on your client's journey. Watch them transform before your eyes.

All-in-one Client Dashboard

New Client Dashboard

Head to your client's profile for an instant snapshot of their personal training business. See their recent activities, compliance tracking, calories consumed, bodyweight graphs, daily tasks, and so much more!

Progression Tracking

WeStrive progress tracking

The Progress tab allows you to track every step of your client's journey. From the Nutrition section you can see everything they've eaten for the day & their macros. The Measurements tab will let you track everything from their biceps size to their 40-yard dash time. The Records (PR's) tab (pictured here) will let you track their growth over time for specific exercises. The Journal will allow you to see what exercises they're doing each day. You'll be able to also access their bodyweight graphs and Progress Photos as well!

Client Automated Calendar

WeStrive Calendar

Instead of having to re-assign a program whenever your client needs to change it, you can just update their entire calendar from here! Drag days around, duplicate days, or even edit the workouts inside of each day. Each change will automatically update on your client's mobile app. At the top of the page, add reminders to your client's calendar so they can be reminded to weigh themselves and take progress photos.

Nutrition Calendar

WeStrive nutrition dashboard

Easily track the entire Nutrition journey for your clients from their Nutrition Calendar. We partner up with the Lose It! App so anything your clients record in Lose It! will be pulled to their WeStrive profile. As their trainer, you'll see their macro breakdown AND what food they are eating each day.

Automated Reminders

WeStrive reminders

Constantly asking clients for photos and weight can be exhausting. That's why, with WeStrive, you can easily automate messages, progress photos, and weigh-ins. Just head to the calendar tab to get started. Feel free and put them on a weekly, daily, or monthly recurring schedule.

Note Taking & Documentation

WeStrive note taking

WeStrive now offers document storage. Easily upload documents to your client's profiles that can be downloaded from both your profile and from your client's login.

Record everything on your client's journey with our amazing personal training note taking tools. Created as many pages as you want and these notes are all private to you (your client can't see them).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my client’s profile on WeStrive?

From your client’s profile on WeStrive, you can graph all of their progress, manage their calendar, build a daily to-do list, assign habits/surveys, and so much more!

How long do client stats stay on their WeStrive profile?

Forever! We will never delete your client’s data.

Do clients have a profile in the WeStrive mobile app as well as the website?

Yes, 100%! While we recommend clients just use the app, they also have a full profile on as well.

Personal Training Client Fitness Profile and Dashboard Personal Training Client Fitness Profile and Dashboard