Easily Message Your Trainer on WeStrive

Send messages, photos, gifs, attachments, and more to your personal trainer all from WeStrive.

WeStrive App features and inbox
Personal Trainer Messaging

Quickly message your trainer from the app

When you train on WeStrive you have the ability to quickly message your trainer. Don't have a trainer yet? Head to the Personal Trainer Marketplace to find your trainer today! Already have a trainer? Bring them to WeStrive!

WeStrive App features and inbox

No more texting your personal trainer

From the personal training inbox, your trainer can easily send you gifs & attachments, put you into a group chat, and more! No more texting your trainer or sending a message from WhatsApp!

Start working out with the best app out there. Find a trainer on WeStrive or go tell your trainer to sign-up today!

Frequently asked questions

How do I message my personal trainer on WeStrive?

Once you’re in the WeStrive App, you can easily message your coach or trainer from the inbox button at the top right of your home page.

Can I send videos through WeStrive messaging?

Yes! As of March 2022, you can send videos to your trainer through WeStrive.

Can I send emojis and reply to specific messages?

Yes, you can! WeStrive allows you to use all the modern chat functionality that apps like Instagram have. Send emojis, send videos, reply to specific messages, and more.

Personal Trainer Messaging Personal Trainer Messaging