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Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and apps on both iOS & Android. Automate your business while keeping your clients happy.

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All-in-One Platform

All the tools you need to grow your business... all in one place

Whether you're just starting out or you've been training for years - we have all the tools you could ever need to manage and grow your business right from your phone!

Program Building
Replaces Excel, Word, & Notes
5-Star Client App
On both iOS & Android
Automated Billing
Replaces Venmo & Paypal
Calendars & Scheduling
Automate your business
WeStrive App home page
Nutrition Tracking
Replaces manually entering foods
Free personal website
No need to build one yourself
Group Messaging
Replaces texting & WhatsApp
Client Dashboard
Stats, activities, & progress
Utilize the #1 Program Builder

Put PDF's away & enjoy the world's fastest fitness program builder

Program Templates, thousands of exercise videos, ability to save & re-use circuits... we could talk for days about it. And for our PDF fans, you can turn any program into a PDF instantly.

WeStrive App home page
Client Dashboard
Whether you're building a superset or a circuit, you can instantly save it & re-use it in a future program. You can also do the same thing with entire Days and Full-length Programs. This will save you a ton of time as a personal trainer.
Massive Exercise Database
WeStrive provides you with over 2000 categorized exercise photos & videos that you can instantly use in any of your programs. On top of that, you can even add your own content! Instantly add exercise videos & then create your own exercise categories for even faster program building.
Calendar Overview
Once a day has been created, you can zoom out to the calendar overview tab. From here, you can move/duplicate days & move/duplicate weeks. This allows personal trainers to be able to build a full-length program in just a few minutes!

Train with a platform you can trust

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Get your own free website

Building a website is hard.
Let WeStrive do it for you.

Get a free personal website complete with testimonials, pricing, contact info, sign-up forms, and more!

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Enjoy our 5-Star Mobile App

Give your clients a mobile app they'll love

Clients can follow workouts, track progress, & message their trainer. Trainers also can use the app to view activities, manage clients, and more.

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Fast/simple navigation for every client
We offer 4 simple pages with countless features for your clients. Your clients are able to track nutrition progress, send you messages, update progress photos, track bodyweight, and more!
Workout Experience
The best way to track workouts
Clients can follow multiple-month fitness programs complete with hundreds of exercises all from their phone. They simple swipe left to go to the next exercise and record their progress along the way.
Daily Calendars
Snapshot of your client's day
Each client gets their own convenient calendar that gives them a quick preview of what their day will look like. You can assign macro-goals, progress photo requests, weigh-ins, and more!

How to get started on WeStrive

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Create your coach account in 10 seconds at
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Add clients by their email
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Clients sign-in to the app and start tracking workouts
WeStrive Testimonials

See what our amazing coaches are saying about WeStrive

What I like most about this product and app is how easy to is to implement for myself and my clients. As with anything new, it takes some getting used to, but once you figure out the layout and how to locate all that you need, it's a piece of cake!

Ray C.
Owner, Personal Trainer

WeStrive has saved me tons of time on programming and check-ins so I can take more time doing what’s important; engaging with clients! Super simple to use for both my clients and myself.

Adrianna Hernandez
Personal Trainer

This app makes training so much easier. The training videos make the movements so easy for clients to follow along. Would definitely recommend for trainers of all experience levels.

Steven Warner
Certified Personal Trainer

My experience with the WeStrive app overall has been nothing but great! I highly recommend.

Nicole M
Personal Trainer

The team is always asking for ways to improve based on our recommendations. They make changes based on major necessity and are open on making them.

Gabriela Rivers
Celebrity Personal Trainer

We offer amazing blog articles for both personal trainers and exercisers

We have articles for personal trainers to help you grow your training business and for exercisers helping you find the perfect personal trainer

Let's transform your personal training business

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and apps on both iOS & Android. Automate your business and make your clients happy while improving their health.

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

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