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WeStrive is the ultimate all-in-one tool for personal trainers and gym owners. Build programs faster, train 3X the clients, and completely automate your business.

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“Easily the best personal training app out there”

Ray Cook, Lead Personal Trainer

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Trusted by 1000's of fitness businesses worldwide

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Train more clients with less work

On average, coaches are able to train 3X as many clients after switching to WeStrive.

Customize your recurring schedule and automate your client's calendar
Quickly scale your business through your own custom branding
Train both your in-person and online clients
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Automate your personal training business

Let WeStrive work for you so you can get back to doing what you do best - coaching.

Schedule messages, surveys, daily habits on an automated calendar
Build chains of programs to automatically begin when the one program ends
Easily setup monthly recurring billing
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Save Time

Your time is your most valuable asset - let’s not waste it

Build fitness programs 3X faster and utilize smart templates to never repeat the same step twice.

WeStrive is an all-in-one tool, which means you won't waste time going back and forth between apps.

The Ultimate Program Building Experience

Take your fitness programming to the next level with WeStrive's workout builder. Access 1500+ of exercises, track client progress, share workout templates, and more.
Faster Program Building

Build programs 5X faster

Whether you're using another training software or PDF's - WeStrive will drastically speed up your program building. Build templates for weeks and circuits. Duplicate workouts, change measurements, expand/collapse your workout, and more.
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WeStrive Workouts
1500+ Exercise Photos & Videos

1000's of exercise photos & videos

Instantly access our database of over 1500 exercise photos and videos. You also have the option to instantly upload your own.
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WeStrive Workouts
Progression Tracking

Easily track client growth

Track your clients growth through progress graphs, PRs, progress photos, fitness testing, and so much more.
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WeStrive progress tracking
Team Building

Build programs faster with your team

Instantly transfer programs across team members, share team calendars, build templates together, and so much more.
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Why choose us?

Most personal training and gym platforms work against you, not for you. Switch to the fitness software that actually does what it claims.
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Features included :
No hidden fees. No surprises
All-in-one software
Extremely easy-to-use
Provides live support
Integrates payments seamlessly
App available in 13 languages
Other Softwares
Features included :
Complicated fee structure
Need to use multiple softwares
Difficult for coaches & clients
Replies after 3 days
Have spotty integrations
Available in 1 language

Get more value from your tools

WeStrive connects with the best integrations in every industry. Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favorite tools are just a click away.
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What our users are saying

Highly recommend WeStrive
If you are a gym owner or a personal trainer trying to up your game, grow faster, or increase revenue and overall customer experience - I highly recommend Westrive.
Logan Jennings
Gym Owner
Loving this app!
The team is always asking for ways to improve based on our recommendations. They make changes based on major necessity and are open on making them.
WeStrive personal trainer Gabs
Gabriela Rivers
Celebrity Personal Trainer
It's so simple to use!
WeStrive offers a user friendly layout for both trainers and their clients. The simplicity of the program building features is fantastic! It help me to provide clients with specific, easy to follow training.
Amanda Kay  - WeStrive Trainer
Amanda Kay
Certified Personal Trainer
Efficient and User Friendly
So far so good! I love it, especially in comparison to other platforms that I have tried. (Switched from My PT Hub)

Quintunya C
Certified Personal Trainer
Excellent Customer Service
My experience with the WeStrive app overall has been nothing but great! I highly recommend.

Thank you!
Nicole Merril  - WeStrive Trainer
Nicole M
Certified Perosonal Trainer
Check-ins are so smooth
I absolutely love the automated program feature, being able to either choose from the exercise library or create your own and I love that you can schedule surveys on a client’s calendar. The surveys make check ins so much more smooth!
Court Petaccio
Certified Personal Trainer

We don't just help you run your business, we provide a 5-star experience to your clients as well. WeStrive supports clients in 40 countries, 13 languages, and with excellent customer service.

Getting started with WeStrive is simple

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Both gyms and personal trainers can sign-up in less than a minute at
Onboard your clients
Simply just drop all of your clients into WeStrive and we'll take care of the rest for you.
Start training
Instantly start assigning progress photo requests, fitness plans, daily habits, and so much more.

99% of coaches love WeStrive. Not convinced you’re one?
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