Launch an On-Demand Fitness Program Library

Easily 3X your income by moving your fitness program library over to WeStrive and away from PDF's. Simply just add your programs, select your pricing plans, and go live!

On-Demand Fitness Programs

Clients can access a library of on-demand programs

Once you've built a program on WeStrive - you can add it to the subscription library on your website. As soon as it's added, subscribing clients can instantly access it from their WeStrive App.

Clients can swap programs right from their phone

Your clients can simply select New Program from the Train tab in their app to select a new training program to follow. They can even follow multiple at once.

Fully customized pricing

Offer your clients up to 4 different pricing options in dozens of different currencies. You can even give each new subscriber a free trial to test out the programs.

Setup is simple

Start building your custom program library on WeStrive today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients can I have on my subscription?

You can have an unlimited amount of clients following your subscription programs.

Can I upload my PDF's to WeStrive?

The WeStrive system has too many features to it in order for us to allow for uploads. With that being said, it's very simply to build programs in our app and you can even add your own exercises + build program templates.

Is there a fee for selling programs?

WeStrive handles everything for you - client maintenance, subscription pricing, and more. For that, we simply pull 2.1% from each sale (after Stripe fees). In total, for just 5% of your sales, you'll be able to massively scale your business.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee - get started today!

On-Demand Fitness Programs