Team Training Software

Work with your fellow coaches all on the same app! Team up with other trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, and more to improve your client's fitness journey.

Team Training Software

Partner up with your teammates!

The WeStrive Teams section will make working with your clients so much easier! Whether you're a few personal trainers working with clients, you're a small gym, or you're a personal trainer + nutritionists combo... this platform is the right fit for you!

Organize your team clients

Add other personal trainers to your team and help your client's reach their goals together! As the admin, you can see the entire team's clientele and have full control of what happens on your team.

Keep track of all your coaches

Easily add & remove coaches from your team through the Coaches page. Roles can be assigned to each trainer so you can adjust what abilities they have within your team.

Team Permissions & Roles

WeStrive Permissions

As the admin, you can decide who does what within your team. You can choose between 3 types of roles and then customize those roles. Do you want to prevent newer coaches from editing your program templates? Done. Do you want to be the only one that is able to edit team billing info? Done.

Team Programs & Exercise Categories

WeStrive team settings

Your whole team, as long as they have permission, can upload exercises to the team database and then even add exercise categories. Now, when new trainers join their team, they can instantly access your exercise videos (if you want them to).

Your team is able to all access the same central programs. In the permissions section, you can decide which trainers get to access the programs, which trainers can add to it, and who can edit them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many coaches can I add to my team?

There’s no limit to how many coaches you can add to WeStrive.

How can I control my team once it’s created?

WeStrive offers tons of custom options for permissions once you’ve created a team. As the leader of the team, you can turn on/off certain features to make sure you have full control over the team.

What’s the benefit of making a team on WeStrive?

The main benefit is that you get to collaborate with other coaches by sharing clients, sharing a workout database, sharing programs, and more! You also can save money by combining clients and splitting the cost.

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