My Fitness Journey Progression Tracking

Track your entire fitness journey with WeStrive. We'll cover everything from fitness programs to bodyweight to personal records.

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My Personal Fitness Progress Tracking

Start tracking your fitness journey with WeStrive

Start tracking your progress and growth throughout your fitness journey with your personal trainer on WeStrive today! Track your entire fitness journey from one app! Start working with your trainer on WeStrive today! Don't have a trainer yet? Find a personal trainer here.

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Progress Photos & Bodyweight Tracking

From your calendar, trainers can assign macros for you to follow on a weekly basis. These macros are synced up with the Lose It! App.

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Nutrition & Macro Tracking

Your personal trainer can assign you with macro goals and even go as far as setting specific fats, fiber, etc. for each week.

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Personal Records and Measurements

You can easily track any of your personal fitness records through WeStrive. Simply select an exercise and then adjust the timeline. Boom! Your entire workout history is now in a graph.

With measurements, you and your coach can create as many categories as you like and track your Measurements similarly to how you track your PRs. Track everything from your resting heart rate to the size of your biceps.

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Workout Journal and Fitness History

From WeStrive, every workout you've ever entered into the app is saved privately to your journal. You and your personal trainer can go back through any past workout instantly.

Start working out with the best app out there. Find a trainer on WeStrive or go tell your trainer to sign-up today!

Frequently asked questions

What types of things can I track on WeStrive?

You can track an endless amount of workouts & progress on WeStrive. Your coach can assign you daily to-do lists which can have you track progress photos, bodyweight, and more. Then, from the home page in the app, you can track all of your progress and choose to track everything from your BMI to your Barbell Bench Press.

Can anyone see my progress and stats on WeStrive?

Only you and your coach can see your stats. Everything is private (even to the WeStrive team).

How long do my stats last on WeStrive?

Your stats on WeStrive last forever! We never delete anything unless you delete your account.

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