Client Automations & Calendars

Being able to create & edit your client's schedule is a key feature when it comes to online training. Just sending your client an Excel document doesn't cut it.  What if they need to change days or an exercise around? Don't resend a document, let WeStrive edit the plan for you.

WeStrive App
Build Beautiful Fitness Plans

Organize your client's schedule with ease

With just a few clicks, you can update your client's entire schedule, automate tasks like weigh-ins, plan out multiple programs in advance, and so much more!

WeStrive Calendar

Automatically update schedules

After you've assigned your client's program, you can instantly move days around, duplicate days across the calendar, edit the workouts, and more!

You're also able to schedule multiple programs in advance. Imagine being able to send a program Volume 1, 2, and 3 all at the same time? Well now you can with WeStrive scheduling! Going on vacation? No problem - just assign all the programs before you go.

WeStrive calendar and reminders

Automate tasks

Once you have more than one client online, it can be very tiresome to remember to ask them for bodyweight weigh-ins and progress photos every single week. Instead, you can automate these tasks. Want your clients to send you photos every Tuesday? Done. Want to send them a habit or a survey they can complete on a monthly basis? Consider it done.

Client's get their own calendar

A client having a program and progress photo requests is great, but what if I told you that you can provide each client with their very own calendar as well? Guess what? You can! The WeStrive App comes equipped with daily & weekly calendars for your clients to follow from the palm of their hand!

You'll never find an easier habit-tracking or survey building software. As a coach, you can assign daily habits for your clients to complete or you can build out full-length surveys for them to fill out.

1,000+ trainers and gyms are using WeStrive to grow their business... why aren't you?

Features that get you results

Whether you're an independent personal trainer or you run a gym with 200 locations - we have all the tools you could ever need to manage and grow your business right from your phone!

Frequently asked questions

How does client scheduling work?

Simply click on your client’s profile on to enter their calendar. From there, you can drag/drop workouts, assign to-do list actions (weigh-in requests, habit tracking, surveys, etc.), assign macros, and more.

How will my client view their schedule on WeStrive?

For clients, viewing the calendar is very simple. Once they’re in the WeStrive App, they simply just need to click on the Calendar button.

What tasks can be automated on WeStrive?

As a coach on WeStrive, you can automate client weigh-in requests, fitness testing requests, progress photo requests, habit tracking, surveys, daily macros, and more.

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