Nutrition and Macro

Instantly set macro goals for your clients that they can follow from their mobile app. WeStrive is partnered up with the Lose It! Nutrition App. Any foods and your clients enter into that app will be pulled onto your Client's Nutrition Page.

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Nutrition and Macro Tracking Software
WeStrive Nutrition & Macro Tracking

Assign Macros and Track Your Client's Nutrition Journey

With just a few clicks, you can assign your client's their nutrition plan and macro goals! From there, you can track their daily progress and help them achieve their goals. Learn how to setup nutrition & macro tracking here.

Mobile nutrition & macro tracking

From your dashboard, you can easily assign daily macros for your clients to follow. This will all play into your client's calendar and their scheduling. Every week they can view their suggested caloric intake and macro goals. To see all the goals your client's can track, for fitness & nutrition - head here.

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Assign macro goals

From your Client's Dashboard - you can easily assign their entire Caloric & Macro schedule. Start by selecting the amount of calories and then decide the breakdown of Proteins, Fats, & Carbs.

From there, you can choose to add specific like Sodium & Sugar. On the following page, you'll decide what days of the week your client should follow the plan and for how long.

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Track nutrition in a calendar

Once goals have been assigned, you can instantly begin tracking your client's nutrition results from their calendar in the Client's tab. Green will indicate when they've reached their goal that you set.

Click 'View Details' on a day to see the full breakdown of Macros and even see what they ate for the day!

WeStrive Client App Features

Assign nutrition plans

Similar to assigning a fitness program, nutrition plans can be assigned right from your dashboard and onto your client's mobile app. For now, nutrition plans only can be in PDF form that your clients can view from the app. We're working on building out our own nutrition software - So stay tuned!

WeStrive trainer dashboard and client calendar iphone

Let's transform your personal training business

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and apps on both iOS & Android. Automate your business and make your clients happy while improving their health.

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

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Got questions? We have answers

How do I assign macros to my client’s WeStrive profile?

All you have to do to assign macros to your client on WeStrive is head to and click on their profile. That will take you to their calendar and from there you just click on a day and start adding goals.

How does a client see the macros I assign on WeStrive?

From the mobile app, clients will simply just click into the calendar and they’ll see the macro goals appear.

How do clients scan foods and track what they’re eating on WeStrive?

Clients will download our partner app, Lose It!, and then begin scanning foods through that app. WeStrive will pull all the data they enter.

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Nutrition and Macro Tracking Software Nutrition and Macro Tracking Software