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If you're new to personal training, we'll help you manage your first clients, setup your website, and give you a platform to start building programs.

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New Personal Trainers

Have a website to call home

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Have a website to call home

Having a website that potential clients can head to is essential for any personal training business. Add your new website URL to your Instagram bio and give your followers a place to apply to train with you!

Give your clients a 5-star experience

Clients can follow workouts, track progress, & message their trainer. Trainers also can use the app to view activities, manage clients, and more.

Gabriela Rivers - WeStrive Trainer
I have been loving the app and I'm excited for the new things to come."
Gabriela Rivers -  Certified Trainer
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Give your clients a 5-star experience

Full Exercise Database

WeStrive exercise database

Full Exercise Database

WeStrive provides you with 1500+ exercise photos and videos to help you get started. No need to Google a video or find one on YouTube - we have you covered.

The Ultimate Program Building Experience

Take your fitness programming to the next level with WeStrive's workout builder. Access 1500+ of exercises, track client progress, share workout templates, and more.
Faster Program Building

Build programs 5X faster

Whether you're using another training software or PDF's - WeStrive will drastically speed up your program building. Build templates for weeks and circuits. Duplicate workouts, change measurements, expand/collapse your workout, and more.
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WeStrive Workouts
1500+ Exercise Photos & Videos

1000's of exercise photos & videos

Instantly access our database of over 1500 exercise photos and videos. You also have the option to instantly upload your own.
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WeStrive Workouts
Progression Tracking

Easily track client growth

Track your clients growth through progress graphs, PRs, progress photos, fitness testing, and so much more.
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WeStrive progress tracking
Team Building

Build programs faster with your team

Instantly transfer programs across team members, share team calendars, build templates together, and so much more.
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WeStrive team settings

99% of coaches love WeStrive. Not convinced you’re one?
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Frequently asked

How can I test out these features on WeStrive?

You can sign-up and your first client is free forever at Every single feature we offer comes with a free plan so you can try them out right now!

What are the best features on WeStrive?

WeStrive has so many incredible additional features. With that being said, our best features are definitely the free website that we provide you, our 5-star mobile app, and the fitness plan builder that we have built. Sign-up at to test it out yourself!

Can I hear from some trainers using WeStrive?

Of course! We have tons of reviews on websites like Capterra, G2, and both app stores. We also have a bunch of reviews from our coaches on our reviews page here.

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