Client Nutrition and Macro-Tracking

Easily follow the Nutrition & Macro goals your trainer sets for you all through the WeStrive App. WeStrive is partnered up with the Lose It! Nutrition App so any foods you enter into that app will be pulled onto your Trainer's profile.

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Client Nutrition and Macro Tracking

Track your nutritional data on WeStrive

Start tracking your nutritional data with your personal trainer on WeStrive today! Find out how to start tracking your nutritional data and macros below. Don't use the Lose It! App? Follow this article to sync it up with WeStrive.

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Mobile nutrition tracking & Macro Goals

From your calendar, your personal trainer can assign macro goals for you to follow on a weekly basis. These macros are synced up with the Lose It! App.

They typically will assign proteins, fats, and carbs - but they can even go as far as setting specific sodium, fiber, etc. for each week. Learn how tracking goals work with your personal trainer right here.

WeStrive + Lose It

Lose It! Nutrition App

WeStrive is partnered up with the Lose It! App. This 5-Star app is incredibly simple to use and it only takes about 30 seconds to sync-up with WeStrive. The best part? It's 100% Free to use!

Start working out with the best app out there. Find a trainer on WeStrive or go tell your trainer to sign-up today!

Frequently asked questions

What app do I use to track my calories?

You will use the Lose It app to track calories with your coach. You can see how to setup Lose It in under 30 seconds here.

Where can I find the daily macro nutrition goals that my coach assigns me?

All you need to do is just sign in to the WeStrive App and you’ll see the goals each day from your client’s app.

How does WeStrive get my calorie information?

WeStrive pulls your calorie information every few hours from Lose It. You can see how to track your calories from the nutrition app Lose It here.

Client Nutrition and Macro Tracking Client Nutrition and Macro Tracking