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Start training on WeStrive to access one of the world's greatest personal training apps. Follow fitness programs, track fitness progress, follow nutrition plans, and more.

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Personal Training Fitness Plans
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When you train on WeStrive you have access to the ultimate personal training app

Follow workouts with your trainer on the WeStrive App in order to reach your fitness goals! Don't have a trainer? Find one here!

WeStrive Fitness Program Tracking

The WeStrive App allows you to work with your personal trainer to follow full-length fitness programs. From the app, you can follow circuits, supersets, warm-ups, and more. Easily track all of your weights and reps + have access to photos & videos of each exercise.

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Weekly & Daily Fitness Program Breakdown

Once you choose a specific week of the program, you'll see the full breakdown of each day. The days of the week will show you all the warm-ups, supersets, circuits, and exercises, you'll need to follow before getting started on that day.

WeStrive fitness program builder

Post-Workout Feedback

After your workout, you can instantly let your coach know how it was by leaving an emoji and having the option to add a full note on your experience. WeStrive also allows you to add notes throughout the workout process.

WeStrive fitness program builder

Start working out with the best app out there

Find a trainer on WeStrive or go tell your trainer to sign-up today!

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

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Got questions? We have answers

How do I view the plan from my coach?

All you have to do is log in to the WeStrive App and head to either the Calendar tab or the Train tab to get started.

What’s involved in a plan on WeStrive?

A plan from your coach on WeStrive can involve many things but it typically involves a month+ long program that includes exercise photos/videos, sets/reps, and lasts a month long.

Do I have to pay anything for the client mobile app?

Nope! It’s 100% free to use. All you will pay as a client on WeStrive is just whatever your coach charges you for their training. WeStrive will never push you to pay to use the app with your coach.

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Personal Training Fitness Plans Personal Training Fitness Plans