Using the Lose It! App with WeStrive

Learn how to get started with WeStrive mobile app! Easily track your clients macros and daily intake in less than a minute.

Lose It! App

Easily Pair up with the Lose It app

WeStrive + Lose It

Easily Pair up with the Lose It app

With just a few steps you can easily have your client pair up to the Lose It! App and it's 100% free!

Mobile nutrition & macro tracking

From your client's dashboard, you can easily assign their entire caloric & macro schedule on a weekly or daily basis. This will all play into your client's calendar and their scheduling. Every week they can view their suggested caloric intake and macro goals.

Start by selecting the amount of calories and then decide the breakdown of Proteins, Fats, & Carbs.

From there, you can choose to add specific elements like Sodium & Sugar. On the following page, you'll decide what days of the week your client should follow the plan and for how long.

WeStrive nutrition tracking

Mobile nutrition & macro tracking

Track nutrition in a calendar

WeStrive Calendar

Track nutrition in a calendar

Once goals have been assigned, you can instantly begin tracking your client's nutrition results from their calendar in the Client's tab. Green will indicate when they've reached their goal that you set.

Click 'View Details' on a day to see the full breakdown of Macros and even see what they ate for the day!

Assign nutrition plans

Similar to assigning a fitness program, nutrition plans can be assigned right from your dashboard and onto your client's mobile app. For now, nutrition plans only can be in PDF form that your clients can view from the app. We're working on building out our own nutrition software - So stay tuned!

WeStrive nutrition plans

Assign nutrition plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to connect the Lose it app?

As a coach on WeStrive, you can automate client weigh-in requests, fitness testing requests, progress photo requests, habit tracking, surveys, daily macros, and more.

Does my client have to do something daily to send me the nutritional data?

Nope! Whatever they add to the lose it App will be automatically pulled into WeStrive so you can track it each day.

Does Lose It cost anything?

Nope! Lose It is completely free and free to connect with WeStrive.

How do I download the Lose It app?

You can download the Lose It app right from

WeStrive and the Lose It! Nutrition App WeStrive and the Lose It! Nutrition App