Client Automatic Reminders

Automate your client's weekly tasks so you don't have to keep following up each week asking for bodyweight & progress photos! Find out more below.

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WeStrive Automatic Client Reminders & To-Do List

Automate Your Client's Fitness Journey

No need to have to send bodyweight & photo requests every week. Let WeStrive automate it for you!

Automatic Reminders

Instead of having to manually ask your clients for photos, why not automate that process? From your Client's Calendar - you can schedule weigh-ins, progress photos, and messages to go out whenver you like. Feel free and put them on a weekly, daily, or monthly recurring schedule.

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Client Automated Calendars

When you assign these tasks, they'll be automatically added to your client's profile. When your client logs in, all they have to do is head to their Calendar tab to see their daily to-do list. Assigned photos & bodyweight will pop up here next to their fitness program and nutrition requirements.

The message you send them will appear right on the home page.

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Let's transform your personal training business

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and apps on both iOS & Android. Automate your business and make your clients happy while improving their health.

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

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