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McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes

McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes
McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes


August 8, 2023



Hey y’all! My name is McKayla Mathewes and I’ve been a trainer for 6 years now! I started training when I started bodybuilding and instantly fell in love with them both. I earned my Pro Card two years ago in the Wellness division, which revealed to me that you can do anything you set out to do as long as you’re willing to put in the work. I love to help others realize the same about themselves and reach goals of all kinds, whether inside or outside the gym. I specialize in strength training, competition prep, and lifestyle prep. I’ve worked with all populations of people, ages 15-80 of all different abilities and strengths. If you’re serious about achieving your goals or just want to chat, visit our website ( or find me on IG!


I have over 12 years of experience in fitness and nutrition. Starting in highschool as captain of Wrestling, Track, and Football, I received full ride scholarships for all 3. I went on to play Division 1 Football in the Pac 12 for the University of Colorado Buffaloes where I played outside linebacker and earned a business degree. From the worst team in the Pac12 to the Pac 12 championships, I got the full exposure being coached at a top tier national athletic program giving me specialized first hand experience in functional strength, muscular growth, speed, and recovery.

Once bowl games were played and my senior year was finished, I moved to Austin Texas to pursue business. I lost 40lbs of muscle by neglecting my diet and workouts while working 70hr weeks. After a year of this, I decided to get back into shape and found bodybuilding. I have now competed in bodybuilding for 4 years having done multiple shows in both mens physique and classic. I have rebuilt my body to be better than it ever has in my life opening doors for me that never existed before.

I have managed multiple sales teams, traveled the country doing B2B national sales, and have worked for a high level tech startup. During each of these demanding jobs, I continued to put on muscle, stay on diet, and made consistent progress no matter the schedule. I developed the know-how for diet and workouts while on the road, in hotels, at airports, and during packed out 70hr work weeks. At each job, I coached fellow peers, employees, bosses, and investors on how to train and eat.

I will push you to places you won’t push yourself. Mold fitness and nutrition to your life rather than changing your life. I will give you the tools to be successful in the long run and develop you towards your goal, be it functional or aesthetic. No matter your schedule, I know how to shape a lifestyle that matches your needs and teaches you to build habits that will propel you into being a better you.

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August 8, 2023

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McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes

McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes IFBB PRO Couple

Aug 08, 2023

McKayla Mathewes & Mike Mathewes - Certified Personal Trainers and IFBB Pro