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James Oliver

James Oliver
James Oliver

Launching a massive nutrition bar company

August 9, 2021

Launching a massive nutrition bar company

After becoming a specialized sports nutritionist through ISSA, James looked around the industry and realized that there was a need for a better tasting Keto bar. To go from ground zero all the way to the beautiful website that Atlasbar offers today is quite the journey - and that's exactly what we cover on the podcast.

James discusses his journey from the first Keto bar all the way to the 20+ flavors they currently offer. The main focus for Atlas Bar? Quality. James believes that offering a 5-star product will top marketing efforts 10 time out of 10 and his team has done just that. They have 5-star reviews flowing through every day and are working constantly to grow their company.

Throughout this episode I personally learned a ton about nutrition and James covers specific ingredients like what Ashwagandha is. If you're looking for an amazing nutritional product (that tastes extremely good - thanks for the samples, James!) then you've come to the right episode and the right product.

Head to to learn more.

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August 9, 2021

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Podcast Transcript

Episode Transcript
James Oliver

James Oliver Launching a massive nutrition bar company

Aug 09, 2021

James wanted to see a better solution for keto bars in the world... so he created one. Atlas Bar is one of the top Keto bars in the world for taste & overall quality.