How to Setup Lose It! on WeStrive - For Clients

Follow this quick guide for setting up Lose It! on WeStrive as a client or exerciser! Our app will pull all the food data & macros you enter into Lose It! so your trainer can track your progress

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Setup Lose It! - Clients

Let's get your Lose It! Account setup - for clients

As a client, you can setup Lose It! Nutrition with your trainer on WeStrive in under a minute! Just follow the steps below.

Follow these steps to setup Lose It! with the WeStrive App

1) Make sure you make an account on the Lose It! App or through

2) Login to the WeStrive App, head to My Stats on your Home page, and click on the Calories feature.

WeStrive Home Page - connect to lose it

3) Once you're on the Calories page, push Connect Lose It.

WeStrive - connect to lose it

4) Enter your Lose It! account email and password.
Then push Log In.

Lose it app login

5) That's literally it... you're all set! Sometimes it can take a few hours to sync-up completely but the app will start tracking your calories, food intake, and macros right away!

WeStrive nutrition tracking after connecting to lose it
Setup Lose It! - Clients