Alex Vasylyk

Chief Technology Officer

Alex has 8+ years working at startups, he's the CEO of StartupSoft, and has founded or Co-founded countless companies.


Alex Vasylyk

Alex Vasylyk is a key member of our team. He's been involved with startups for over 8 years and knows them from top to bottom. He's done everything from founding a company to investing in one - and now he runs a company that helps build other companies...full circle!


Alex is the Co-founder, along with his brother, of StartupSoft. StartupSoft is the development & design team that builds WeStrive. Every time you see an amazing feature release that's beautifully can thank Startupsoft.

Previously, Alex had founded multiple companies of his own. Him and his brother realized that there was a massive opportunity to help startups grow, in exchange for equity. Over the years they've become so successful that they no longer work for equity and are building & designing technology for some of the worlds biggest brands.

Alex is a key member of our team and we wouldn't be here without him. Thank you Alex!

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Alex Vasylyk

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Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

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