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If Strongman, Crossfit, Ninja Warrior, and Powerlifting had a baby - that would be the WeStrive Games
Saturday, November 4th - Central Machine Works, Austin, TX
WeStrive Games weightlifter

The Events

We recommend watching the show Physical 100 to get a good idea on what this competition will be like.
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Teams will go head to head. Each player on the team will rotate pulling a car back and forth. The first team to have all 5 players pull the car the allotted distance wins.
Teams will select 1 player to represent their team.
Stein Holding Official Rules:

1. The stein must be gripped by the handle
2. The thumb may not rest on top of the stein handle; it must rest on the other fingers.
3. The stein may not be gripped sideways.
4. Limited arching of the back is tolerable, however only minimal leaning is acceptable.
5. In the vertical plane, the competitor's elbow must never cross behind the front of the hips or the front of the ankle of either foot.
6. Leaning to the left or right side is not allowed
7. The stein must be held out directly in front of the competitor, not out to the side. The line between a competitor's shoulders should remain close to perpendicular with the arm holding the stein.
8. The arm holding the stein must remain close to parallel with the ground and should be extended straight with no bending at the elbow.
9. The arm holding the stein must remain separated from the chest of the competitor. The chest may not be used as a shelf to support the arm.
10. The off-hand should remain at the competitor's side or back and may not touch or support the arm holding the stein.
11. Competitors may not contact any other structures, objects, or people during the competition.
12. Competitors must stand within their personal area and may not move more than is necessary to make adjustments ensuring proper form during the competition.
13. If any amount of beer spills or drips off of the stein, the competitor is disqualified.

Teams will go head to head. The first team to have all 5 team members each carry/roll the keg over the finish line wins.
Teams will go head to head and choose 1 player to represent them.
Each player will start with 5 sandbags.
With 3 minutes on the clock, players will begin moving sandbags from their base into their opponents base. At the end of the 3 minutes, whoever has the least sandbags in their base is the winner.
Event #5 will be a Tug of War tournament where teams will go head to head until a final winner is announced
The championship event will be between the 2 teams with the top scores and will be revealed the day of the event.


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Central Machine Works - the host of The WeStrive Games

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Teams are 5 athletes and $50/person ($250/team).

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The Teams

Here are the 20 teams that will be competing in The WeStrive Games


Central Machine Works

Central Machine Works is a beautiful east Austin beer hall with a wonderful food/drinks and a massive outdoor area where the games will be held.

Central Machine Works - the host of The WeStrive Games