WeStrive 5-Star Personal Trainer App

Enjoy the best app for personal trainers on the planet. Track client progress, follow workouts, add training notes, message clients, and more.

WeStrive trainer group app
5-Star Personal Trainer App

Train clients on the go

WeStrive is constantly at the top of the list for best personal training apps. No matter where you're at, you can run your entire business from your mobile phone. If you want to learn more about the client's app click here.

WeStrive trainer dashboard

Manage all your clients

Right from your phone you can see every client's current status, add notes to their profile, check notifications, and more.

WeStrive trainer app

Business Dashboard

From your home page, you can track your sales, current trainer stats, and view all recent activities. If a client finishes a workout, adds a progress photo, updates a record, or does virtually anything - you'll see it here.

...and even more features

WeStrive group inbox
Group Messaging
A huge benefit of the WeStrive App is that your client can message you on the go from the inbox tab! Easily send photos, Gifs, and more to your client. You can even setup groups.
WeStrive App features for workouts
Client mobile workouts
From your trainer login you can head to your client's profile and follow their workouts. This will let you train all of your in-person clients while using the WeStrive app as well!
1,000+ trainers and gyms are using WeStrive to grow their business... why aren't you?

Features that get you results

Whether you're an independent personal trainer or you run a gym with 200 locations - we have all the tools you could ever need to manage and grow your business right from your phone!

Frequently asked questions

Do my clients and I have different apps?

Nope! It’s the same app, which makes things really simple. All you need to do is just login and you’ll have the custom buttons based on whether you’re a coach or a client.

As a coach, what’s the difference between the app and the website?

As a personal trainer or coach, you’ll primarily use the app for messaging clients and handling quick things like note-taking or assigning to-do lists. The website will be used for program building, billing, and more in-depth features that we have yet to put into the mobile app.

What are the main WeStrive Personal Trainer App features?

The WeStrive app allows you to track client progress, assign your client's to-do list and group message your clientele.

WeStrive 5-Star Personal Trainer App 5-Star Personal Trainer App