How to Setup Surveys on WeStrive

Follow this quick guide on how surveys work within WeStrive. You can easily create, assign, and track your surveys from your WeStrive Dashboard.

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Let's get started with surveys

With WeStrive, it's incredibly easy to build a full-length survey and assign it to as many clients as you like right from the calendar. Below, we'll show you how this process works in just a few steps.

1) From your Clients page on select Client Reminders - Surveys - and then push Add Survey to get started.

WeStrive dashboard with surveys

2) From the surveys page, you can easily make full-length surveys with questions that can be answered in long form, short form, single-answer, multi-select, and 1-10 rating.

WeStrive how to add surveys

3) After your survey is ready, simply choose an emoji, give it a name, and push Save.

WeStrive giving titles to surveys

4) Now that your survey is ready, all you have to do is click the Add Reminder option from the dropdown and then choose the survey you want to assign. You can select as many clients as you like and can even have the survey go out on a weekly basis.

WeStrive How to add reminders

5) Your client will see the survey pop-up instantly on their calendar. All they have to do is select it and they can start answering your questions.

WeStrive new calendar and surveys app

6) You'll see the survey answers on your Home Page and you can always head to the Surveys section, head to Responses, and then click the Show Assignees pop-up to view their answers.

WeStrive survey responses

If you have any questions, send us a message through the chat bot at the bottom right corner of the page - or email us at

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