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What is the best 30-60-90 Mixed Interval Training Workout routine

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What is the best 30-60-90 Mixed Interval Training Workout routine
Cory McKane
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Interval training has become a popular kind of workout routine in various fitness niches over the years and is utilized by beginner and professional athletes. This kind of training has various benefits and has been shown to be extremely effective in helping people reach their fitness and health goals. Check out this article to learn more.

30-60-90 Mixed Interval Training Workout 

Interval training has become a popular kind of workout routine in various fitness niches over the years and is utilized by beginner and professional athletes. This kind of training has various benefits and has been shown to be extremely effective in helping people reach their fitness and health goals. There is more than one kind of routine to try out, with one of the more popular being the 30-60-90 workout. 

While it is not recommended for beginners, it can be highly beneficial for individuals with more fitness experience under their belts. Personal trainers may even want to recommend the 30-60-90 interval workout to some of their more seasoned clientele. 

What Is 30-60-90 Training?

There are multiple kinds of training interval routines out there, which have proven to be effective in helping athletes see amazing results. The 30-60-90 workout is mainly used for runners but can be implemented by various types of athletes. 

Pros and Cons

The 30-60-90 interval training has pros and cons to be aware of before you try it out, or recommend it to any clients. The good and bad of this routine could affect some athletes more than others. 


Increase Endurance

Using 30-60-90 interval training is one of the best ways to increase endurance, especially for runners. The mixed intervals used for this routine at varying intensities are a perfect recipe for being able to build up endurance, whether you are a runner or not. 

Get Faster

Runners who utilize the 30-60-90 workout will also find themselves getting faster over time. This mixed training interval can produce results quicker than many other workouts aimed at increasing speed, which is one of the major benefits athletes have found with it. 


Even though the 30-60-90 routine isn’t as short as other workouts, it still isn’t that time-consuming. The entire routine, including warm-up and cool-down, should only take about 40 minutes. This makes it one of the best interval training routines for busy schedules. It can also be easily added to your normal training schedule if you want to start seeing more effective results faster. 


Not For Beginners

Some interval training routines are well-suited for beginners, but the 30-60-90 is not one of them. This is mainly due to the high level of intensity it uses, and quick cycling through intervals. If you do not have experience with any other kinds of interval training, you don’t want to start right off with the 30-60-90 routine. 

Mainly for Runners

The 30-60-90 workout has been able to produce impressive results for runners over the years, but it might not be as beneficial for other types of athletes. However, any athlete can benefit from a training routine that improves speed and endurance. 

Might Need Equipment 

If you don’t have access to a space to run outside for the 30-60-90 workout then you need to have access to a treadmill or a similar cardio machine. Since not everyone has workout machines, or a proper space to run regularly, this interval routine is not as easily accessible as other types of training. 

Why Athletes Use 30-60-90 mixed interval training

The main reason that athletes use the 30-60-90 workout is because of the impressive results it can lead to, and the benefits it offers. This high-intensity movement is also a great way to spice up normally boring, or familiar, routines. Cycling through the three different levels of intensity gives you a workout like no other, with effective results. 


The benefits you can reap from 30-60-90 interval training are one of the main reasons that athletes love to use it. When you cycle from normal to high intensity and back, it causes what is known as afterburn. This is when your body burns calories as it returns to a resting state, letting you burn more calories than other routines will. 

You will also be building up endurance, and notice yourself getting faster quicker. It has also become a great workout for losing weight and keeping fat off. Since this training interval routine doesn’t take longer than an hour, it can fit into most people’s daily schedules. 

Who Should Try It

Even though the 30-60-90 routine isn’t recommended for fitness beginners, it can be beneficial for multiple types of athletes. Even though it is running and cardio-focused, people from various niches and specialities can benefit from this routine. 


Since the 30-60-90 workout is running and cardio-focused, runners are one of the athletes that will benefit the most from this training routine. Many runners will use this workout to prepare for 5ks or triathlons, because of how effective it is at increasing both speed and endurance. 

Other Athletes 

Even athletes who aren’t runners can benefit from the impressive results that come with 30-60-90 interval training. It can be done on any kind of cardio machine as well and can help you get ready for any kind of fitness event you might have coming up. As a trainer, you can recommend this routine to athletes you work with that are looking to burn more calories, build up endurance, or lose weight. 

The Routine

The 30-60-90 interval training workout consists of three sets with three intervals. The first set includes three intervals of 30 seconds, followed by three intervals of 60 seconds and three intervals of 90 seconds. 

After each interval, rest for the length of the interval. You should start the routine with a fifteen-minute warm-up, and finish with a ten to fifteen-minute cool down. The total time for the 30-60-90 interval training routine will be right around 40 minutes. 


When you start using the 30-60-90 mixed interval training routine there are a few tips you should keep in mind in order to see the best results. Doing the routine properly and following these tips will offer effective results that other workouts don’t. 

Warm-Up First

When following any workout routine, especially a high-intensity one like the 30-60-90, you need to do a proper warm-up. This includes stretching and should last between five and fifteen minutes. This decreases your risk of injury, plus warms up your muscles and gets your blood pumping. 

Cool Down Last

Cooling down after the 30-60-90 routine is just as important as warming up. Your routine should include about ten to fifteen minutes of cool-down movements and stretches. Just like not warming up can lead to injuries, so can not cooling down, so make sure not to skip it. 

Make Sure to Drink Water

You need to stay hydrated when training, especially when you are incorporating high-intensity routines like the 30-60-90 mixed intervals. Drink plenty of water before you start, and make sure you are drinking between intervals too. This tip should be followed no matter what kind of interval training you are doing. 

Wrapping Up

Even though the 30-60-90 interval routine is not recommended for beginners, it can be a highly beneficial workout for runners, and other athletes who want to focus on cardio. It is one of the best routines to add to your training if you want to burn more calories, build up speed, or work on your endurance. When you incorporate this routine into your training schedule, you can achieve impressive and effective results in no time. 


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What is the best 30-60-90 Mixed Interval Training Workout routine