How to Setup Stripe on WeStrive

Follow this quick guide for setting up Stripe on WeStrive! Stripe is now available in over 30 countries worldwide. Once you're done setting up, you can start getting paid through Stripe & WeStrive!

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Setup Stripe on WeStrive

Let's get your Stripe Account setup

With just a few clicks you can get your WeStrive account setup! WeStrive Billing - Powered by Stripe - is now available in 34 countries worldwide! Watch this video to see how to set up Stripe!

1) From your home page on select Connect to Stripe in order to start collecting payments through Stripe.

Stripe Connect payments on WeStriveStripe Connect payments on WeStrive fill out form

2) After filling out this first page, you'll receive this pop-up, letting you know that Stripe will take 5-15 minutes to verify you.

Stripe Connect payments on WeStrive verification

Keep in mind, if you make any errors in your entry (wrong SSN, wrong name, etc.) then Stripe will report back an error and request that you upload your drivers license in order to further identify your identity.While this process is happening, feel free and go back to WeStrive and continue working on your business. You'll receive a notification at the top of the page when you've been verified.

3) Once you're verified, simply add your payment information and you're good to go! Head to your Sales page or your Client's Billing page in order to handle your invoices.

WeStrive Billing for clients

You can now send one-time or monthly invoices from either the top nav bar, the Sales tab, or from the Billing page on their client profile. Simply choose the type (one-time or monthly), choose the client, and then choose the amount you want them to be billed.

WeStrive assign invoices to clients

If you have any questions, send us a message through the chat bot at the bottom right corner of the page - or email us at

If you've already paid for a WeStrive subscription then you'll go right to the Stripe Connect page. If you're just getting started, you'll be asked to choose a WeStrive plan. Don't worry, you can always go back and change this plan at any time.
On the second page, simply fill-out the Stripe Connect form. Since you'll be handling your own payments (all payments go to you, not WeStrive), Stripe needs to verify that you're an actual person.

99.9% of coaches love WeStrive. Try out the app for free and see for yourself.

Setup Stripe on WeStrive