How to Sync-up Google Fit on WeStrive

Follow this quick guide for setting up Google Fit on WeStrive! Once you've synced up, you can start tracking your

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Setup Google Fit on WeStrive

Let's setup Google Fit on WeStrive

With just a few clicks you can get your Google Fit account synced-up on the WeStrive App.

Follow these steps to setup Google Fit on WeStrive

1) Head to your home page on the WeStrive App and click on any of the sections that say Not Connected in the My Stats section.

2) From the pop-up, you can agree to allowing WeStrive to access your nutrition + fitness data in order to sync it up with our app.

3) Google will ask you to then allow WeStrive to pull your Google account over to WeStrive in order to properly track your fitness data.

4) That's it! You're all set and your data will start syncing up with WeStrive.

Setup Google Fit on WeStrive