How to add your own exercises to WeStrive

Follow this quick guide to learn how you can add your own exercises to WeStrive, categorize them, and then add them to your program.

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How to add your own exercises to WeStrive

Let's add your own exercises to WeStrive

Let's help you upgrade your exercises so you can maximize your time and quality in the WeStrive Program Builder.

1 ) Once you've recorded your workout videos, you can add them to either YouTube or Vimeo. We recommend YouTube.

The first step is to make a YouTube account, which you can learn about here in this quick article from Google/YouTube.

2) The second step is to learn how to add YouTube videos from both your phone and computer and you can learn about that in this video. It's super easy and doesn't take long to get started.

3) Now that your video is on YouTube, you can add it to WeStrive. Head to the YouTube video and copy the URL, it should look something like this.

Make sure you have the full link. YouTube will give you a shortened link when you make the video.. do NOT use this link.

4) You'll simply take that URL, head to the Programs tab, click the My Exercises tab on WeStrive, and select the Add Exercise button on the top right.

5) From here, you'll just give your video a title, paste the link, and then WeStrive will automatically pull an image for you... that's it!

You'll never have to add this video again and it will be saved to your exercise library.

WeStrive add exercise pop-up

6) Once your video is here then every time you build a program you'll see it right away. If you added Bench Press, just type in Bench and it will pop up.


How to add your own exercises to WeStrive