How to add clients to my WeStrive Gym account

Follow this quick guide to learn exactly how to add clients to WeStrive and start working with them right away!

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How to add clients to my WeStrive Gym account

How to add clients to my WeStrive Gym Account

We'll show you how it works to get started adding clients as a gym on the WeStrive platform.

Add clients to WeStrive

Adding clients from the top navigation

From the top navigation, you can instantly add clients. You can even attach an onboarding survey that they can fill out upon getting started.

WeStrive client invite email

Clients receive an invite email

Clients will then receive an email inviting them to get started in the app. From here, all they need to do is download the app and sign-up.

WeStrive sign-up app images

Signing up in the WeStrive App

From the WeStrive App, clients will sign-up and fill out basic account questions like height, weight, measurement preference, and more.

Keep in mind that you can head to your client settings to turn off the height/weight questions.

If your gym has a white-labeled app, you can customize these onboarding steps.

Assigning programs, habits, etc.

Start assigning programs, habits, and daily reminders

Now that they're a client, you can assign them a to-do list, fitness program, habit, survey, daily macros, progress photo requests, and so much more!

This can all be done from the top dropdown navigation.

WeStrive gym transfer clients process

Easily transfer clients between coaches and locations

As the admin of your company, you can instantly transfer clients between coaches and between your locations. Simply just head to the Clients section of your Gyms section to begin transferring clients.

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How to add clients to WeStrive as a gym