Ray Cook
Personal Trainer
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What are your favorite features of WeStrive?

Ease of use

Constant upgrades

Program builder

Do you have any client testimonials while using WeStrive that stick out?
What methods have you used to grow your business?
Why do you love coaching?
Can you give us a brief bio + overview on how you train?
What were you using before WeStrive?

Before finding WeStrive I was using a combination of Trainerize, word documents, and excel sheets to distribute my coaching. At this point I honestly didn’t know what I was doing as an online fitness & nutrition coach, so I was trying to learn how to deliver my services easily and in a way that looked clean. However, what I didn’t realize in the moment back then was that what I was doing was (1) taking a TON of time for me to create and (2) really didn’t look as clean or understandable as I first thought. I didn’t fully dive into Trainerize because it didn’t look as clean and user-friendly as I would have liked. And by creating everything program wise through word and excel, I had documents everywhere - to say it was chaotic and a bit of a mess is a huge understatement!

You have a lot of social media followers, how did you acquire so many?
Now that you have all these clients - what are you doing to gather even more?
What's your favorite feature about WeStrive?

I’d have to say my favorite feature about WeStrive isn’t actually a feature at all, but the ease of use and cleanliness of the app and service itself. WeStrive is ALWAYS upgrading and updating their service in some way. For example, when I first started utilizing WeStrive, the smoothest features were the calendar and video integration to exercise breakdown videos, but as time has progressed, they’ve incorporated things like Habit Tracking, Surveys to run client check-ins, and have made so many updates to the Program Builder that creating a fully individualized program for anyone takes minutes (ok, sometimes longer depending on the client and their needs!) once you figure out the skeleton of the program and have everything built into your back-end.

What are some client highlights you can share through your time with WeStrive?

Client highlights, hmmm, I assume we’re talking about impacts from their training and experience with using WeStrive with this one, so that’s the approach I’m gonna take here, haha! So one of my very first clients, who is still with me to this day actually, has experienced WeStrive in all forms since I started my business and utilizing their services. If I remember correctly, about 5 months ago, we were talking about how I could improve as her coach and make things simpler/smoother, and one of the first things she’d mentioned was that the program/coaching delivery has drastically improved over our time together because of a few minor tweaks from WeStrive! One thing that was happening when we first started was each time she’d utilize the Timer Feature in each workout, when she’d scroll forward to her next exercise the app would crash. Frustrating at the time for sure, but avoidable, so we just used the phones timer/stopwatch for this. But over time, this was corrected. Another piece she noted was the change in the home screen, which, if you were here for the early days of WeStrive, the home screen had a LOT going on, but was also a lot of information that could’ve been simplified. As time had progressed, we both noticed the drastic overhaul to the home screen though and she noted how much simpler it was to navigate and that she was suffering in silence before because it was just a little too cumbersome at the start. I suppose what I’m trying to say, in a VERY long winded way, is that my clients enjoyment of her program and coaching experience has improved greatly with the updates WeStrive has put out and I’m super grateful for that!

How would you describe your business?
How many clients did you used to train online?

Before going all-in on my fitness business (Body Revolution) I actually split my time as both an in-person trainer and online coach. I worked as a personal trainer in a Physical Therapy Clinic for 40 hours a week and had roughly 25 clients, while my online coaching business I had 2-3 clients at any given time. As time has progressed though, my coaching business has become partially a hybrid between in-person and online, but the majority of my clients are online and span across the country with just 5 in-person clients and over 20 online.

How has the support been for WeStrive?

Oh man, when it comes to support I STRONGLY believe that you will never find a better support system and team than WeStrive! I’ve come to the team with so many thoughts/ideas over the years that I’m sure at some level they’re thinking, “Oh lord, Ray’s back again, what is it this time?” but they always handle the situation with tact and have implemented a multitude of the ideas I’ve brought to the table. Have a struggle with a certain part of WeStrive? Then check-out the videos they’ve created as resources or simply ask a question. Something not seeming to work right or the way you would like for a client? Reach out and ask! The only thing holding you back from having WeStrive operate the way you need it to for your business is you.

How many hours a week do you spend using WeStrive?

I spend anywhere from 10-15 hours on WeStrive each week, but it really depends on what I have going on during the week. A handful of new clients and program implementation typically means more time on it, but for the most part I’ve built many pieces on WeStrive to work for me and save me time in the long run, which has been MASSIVELY helpful (it just takes some time to get there).

How big is your team that helps you run your business?
How long have you been a coach?
What's it like having your own app in the app store?

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