David Miguens
Certified Personal Trainer
Clients on WeStrive
Years of Experience

What are your favorite features of WeStrive?

Fitness Program Builder

Customer Service

Custom notifications

Do you have any client testimonials while using WeStrive that stick out?

"About a month ago, I started using the online personal trainer service and I couldn't be more pleased. David, after an initial assessment of my goals and limitations, designed a workout plan tailored just for me.

One of the biggest advantages of this service is the flexibility it offers, allowing me to train whenever and wherever I want, whether it's at home, in the gym, or even on vacation. It all comes down to our own determination!

Through the Westrive platform, David can monitor when I work out, the weights I use, and the time I spend on each session. It's no longer just a workout plan: there's a constant tracking of my progress, providing an extra motivation to strictly follow the plan. Moreover, I can provide feedback on each workout, which allows for necessary adjustments.

For anyone seeking personalized and effective support to achieve their fitness goals, I highly recommend this service."

- Maria Ana

What methods have you used to grow your business?

I’m a Personal Trainer in a gym, so normaly people come to me, as i’m one of the oldest Personal trainers in there! Another method that I use is references! If my clients are satisfied with me, naturally they will recommend me to their friends or to people close to them that want to start Training. This works very well for me.

Another method is utilizing the Instagram platform. It's a very powerful platform for “free” advertisement. I create/publish content about what I eat, how I train, and offer training tips. This gets views and views become clients.

Why do you love coaching?
Can you give us a brief bio + overview on how you train?
What were you using before WeStrive?

Before WeStrive, I was using Zenfit app, but i didn't like the support team! I switched over to WeStrive and absolutely love the app and the support.

You have a lot of social media followers, how did you acquire so many?
Now that you have all these clients - what are you doing to gather even more?
What's your favorite feature about WeStrive?

The program builder, the custom service, and the notifications (the possibility to get notifications when the client Start and stop the workout and the time that they took). I also love the easy payments, easy app, and the possibility to give feedback of each Training.

What are some client highlights you can share through your time with WeStrive?
How would you describe your business?

I’m in the business of helping people to become less ill. Movement is life, movement is health. What i do is help people to live better, without pain, and become capable of moving without restrictions. Normally I don't promise a perfect body, I “promise” a better life through the movment, the body changes are consequence, not the primary goal.

How many clients did you used to train online?

I used to train 5 cilents before switching to WeStrive.

How has the support been for WeStrive?

Adrianna on the support team is simply incredible! There's nothing that i ask that she doesn't try her best to solve for me!

How many hours a week do you spend using WeStrive?

I spend only one afternoon per month to upgrade my fully online clients program’s and upgrade my subscription program. The rest of the time i speak with my clients through the mobile app and check the feedback I receive from their workouts.

How big is your team that helps you run your business?
How long have you been a coach?
What's it like having your own app in the app store?

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