Damian Buganski
Celebrity Personal Trainer
Clients on WeStrive
Years of Experience

What are your favorite features of WeStrive?

Do you have any client testimonials while using WeStrive that stick out?
What methods have you used to grow your business?
Why do you love coaching?
Can you give us a brief bio + overview on how you train?
What were you using before WeStrive?

Before I started using Westrive, I sold workout programs and ebooks, on my wordpress-based website. With Westrive, we created my own app in my native language. Customers use it on a subscription basis, they have access to all the training programs, and I can build my scalable business.

You have a lot of social media followers, how did you acquire so many?

This will be a boring and not very sexy answer :)

On Youtube, I created and added videos very regularly. For the first year, no one watched it.... Only after a year, the channel slowly began to grow.

My advice to beginners:

- Talk about what you are an expert in and talk about it with passion

- Don't be a copy of other creators

- Create and add content regularly

- Watch how others do it and learn from them (but don't copy)

Now that you have all these clients - what are you doing to gather even more?

I am trying to develop and improve the training app, create new programs, and build my personal brand. The app works like a subscription, so I don't have to constantly focus on new customers, just keeping current ones.

What's your favorite feature about WeStrive?
What are some client highlights you can share through your time with WeStrive?
How would you describe your business?
How many clients did you used to train online?
How has the support been for WeStrive?
How many hours a week do you spend using WeStrive?

I work a lot, but not only in WeStrive. My programs are automatic. I don't have to constantly monitor each client.

I focus on product improvement and on building my personal brand. I create content marketing and build my business.

How big is your team that helps you run your business?

I worked independently for a very long time. When the business grew strongly, I decided to slowly build a team. However, I still do not want to create a huge company. I am interested in a small team that works like special forces - quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

At the moment the team is 7-10 people.

How long have you been a coach?
What's it like having your own app in the app store?

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