Court Petaccio
Personal trainer
Clients on WeStrive
Years of Experience

What are your favorite features of WeStrive?

Automated Programs

Exercise Library

Client Surveys

Do you have any client testimonials while using WeStrive that stick out?
What methods have you used to grow your business?
Why do you love coaching?
Can you give us a brief bio + overview on how you train?

I’m Court, 30 years old, cat mama and coffee lover! I’ve been on my own health & fitness journey for 10 years so far and have learned so much along the way. I’ve gone through the dieting and excessive exercise phase and now just focus on adopting and maintaining healthier habits that create forever results. When I work with my clients, that is exactly the approach we take! Slowly making changes that lead to lifelong results.

What were you using before WeStrive?
You have a lot of social media followers, how did you acquire so many?
Now that you have all these clients - what are you doing to gather even more?
What's your favorite feature about WeStrive?

I absolutely love the automated program feature, being able to either choose from the exercise library or create your own and I love that you can schedule surveys on a client’s calendar. The surveys make check ins so much more smooth!

What are some client highlights you can share through your time with WeStrive?
How would you describe your business?
How many clients did you used to train online?
How has the support been for WeStrive?
How many hours a week do you spend using WeStrive?
How big is your team that helps you run your business?
How long have you been a coach?

I have been working with clients for 7 years from in home to Zoom personal training and now to full online health coaching.

What's it like having your own app in the app store?

I love having my own app in the app store! It adds that extra level of professional when coaching online. Was super easy because it’s a “done for you” app and the cost is very reasonable!

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