June 8, 2022

The 11 Best CrossFit Podcasts in fitness for 2022

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The 11 Best CrossFit Podcasts in fitness for 2022
Cory McKane
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From online training courses to famous fitness YouTubers, there’s a bountiful world of knowledge out there. One popular way that professionals and experts are sharing what they know is through podcasts. Check out this article to learn about the 11 best CrossFit podcasts in fitness for 2022.

In today’s advanced world of technology and digital media, there are plenty of new and interesting ways to learn more about the fitness industry. From online training courses to famous fitness YouTubers, there’s a bountiful world of knowledge out there. One popular way that professionals and experts are sharing what they know is through podcasts. This unique format provides hands-free learning, with plenty of fun hosts to keep you entertained. You can find podcasts geared toward a range of specialities in the health and fitness fields. 

One such speciality that’s become popular on podcasts is CrossFit. This goes beyond just exercising, and is considered a fitness lifestyle. In addition to working out, CrossFit has people focus on nutrition as well. Classes surrounding this lifestyle have become popular, as community and motivation play a huge part in it. 

Check out this article to learn about the 11 best CrossFit podcasts in fitness for 2022.

11 Best CrossFit Podcasts

There are plenty of CrossFit podcasts out there to get started listening to, and each one has something unique to offer. It may be overwhelming to try and decide where to begin, but this guide will introduce you to the 11 best CrossFit podcasts being listened to today. They can offer you valuable insight about this lifestyle, with knowledgeable hosts and industry experts. 

MisFit Podcast 

YouTube Subscribers: 838,000 

Hosted from Portland Maine is the MisFit Podcast. Each month two new episodes come out, averaging a little over 75 minutes each. It’s hosted by MisFit Athletics, who bring listeners all of the newest information about CrossFit and CrossFit athletes. Episodes can be found on Spotify, as well as Apple and YouTube. 

Shrugged Collective

YouTube Subscribers: 206,000

Each Wednesday day you can listen to new episodes of one of the top 11 CrossFit podcasts; Shrugged Collective. Conversations and interviews with CrossFit athletes are hosted by the Barbell Shrugged team. Episodes average a little over an hour and focus on fitness and training topics. 

Shrugged Collective has gained more than 90,000 Instagram followers and over 150,000 Facebook fans. The podcast can be found on the Barbell Shrugged YouTube channel. 

Talking Elite Fitness

YouTube Subscribers: 29,500

In January of 2019, Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland launched the Talking Elite Fitness podcast, with the help of Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon. While Maraton and Heber are filmmakers, Tommy and Sean are CrossFit Games Analysts. 

Together, all four hosts offer analysis and discussion on the CrossFit community, sports, and the latest information on the fitness industry. Three new episodes of Talking Elite Fitness are released each week. Recent guests to the show include Ali Turpie, Justin Medeiros, and Rob Kearney. 

Julie Foucher

YouTube Subscribers: 16,400

Julie Foucher hosts her own podcast, offering her CrossFit expertise to listeners of all fitness levels. She is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, as well as in the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. Her experience as a family medicine resident allows her to provide valuable insight about staying healthy in the CrossFit community. 

Julie also talks about other influential fitness and health icons, and how they use CrossFit to support their health. Her podcast can be heard on Apple and YouTube. 

In Between Reps

YouTube Subscribers: 5,390

The In Between Reps podcast has been hosted by CrossFit Hippo since May of 2017. Hosts offer plenty of tips and tricks to help listeners stay healthy and fit, with a focus on the CrossFit lifestyle. They’ve reached over a thousand fans on Facebook, and release episodes through SoundCloud and YouTube. 

Icon Athlete Podcast

YouTube Subscriber: 501

Chris Spealler hosts the Icon Athlete Podcast, one of the top 11 CrossFit podcasts you should start listening to. Each episode features Chris in conversation with fitness experts, professionals, and more. Many guests come from the CrossFit community, but sometimes Chris touches on other fitness and health niches. 

Chris likes to explore the why behind workouts we do. This podcast has reached around 39,000 followers on Instagram, and three thousand fans on Facebook. It can be heard on YouTube. 

The 909 Fitness Podcast

SoundCloud Followers: 15 

The 909 Fitness Podcast is hosted by the CrossFit 909 team from Quebec, Canada. The team shares their own experiences with listeners and offers tips and tricks on a variety of fitness topics. They also like to invite guests onto the show for interviews. Even though this podcast didn’t post for two years, the few episodes and a recent addition make it one of the top 11 CrossFit podcasts. It can be heard on Apple and SoundCloud. 

Pile of Pit

SoundCloud Followers: 13

Pile of Pit has three CrossFit coaches hosting, bringing listeners a deep dive into the lifestyle, and fitness in general. Wes and Justin are 30-somethings in training to be coaches, being guided by Paul, the owner of their gym. While Paul has a wealth of knowledge on the lifestyle, Justin and Wes have plenty of opinions to share. 

The three have been hosting since the start of 2018, and Pile of Pit has become one of the top 11 CrossFit podcasts to listen to today. This podcast can be heard on SoundCloud and Leaf Pile Radio. 

CrossFit Bearden

SoundCloud Followers: 7

You can learn plenty of health and fitness information when you listen to the CrossFit Bearden podcast. It’s hosted out of Tennessee, with plenty of episodes focusing on nutrition and staying healthy. Episodes can be found through Anchor and Feedspot, as well as Spotify and Apple. CrossFit Bearden has also gained over 40,000 followers on Instagram. 

Let’s WOD About It

The hosts of Let’s WOD About It, Steve and Danny, launch new episodes every week, aimed at the average CrossFit athlete. They touch on different topics in the community and frequently invite guests to the show. Steve and Danny have been one of the top CrossFit podcasts to listen to since early 2018 when they first launched Let’s WOD About It. You can find this podcast on Luminary Podcasts 

On Top of The Box

On Top of The Box brings you, members of the Violet Community CrossFit, in Ohio hosting, sharing with listeners stories about the impact CrossFit has had on their lives. They talk about the Violet Community program and the way it draws from various other specialities. 

On Top of The Box talks about CrossFit, as well as Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running, and more. The podcast can be heard through Listen Notes. 

Why You Should Listen

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy when you start listening to these top 11 CrossFit websites. Not only will you get to learn about the experiences of other athletes, but you also have the chance to learn the information you didn’t know before, and connect with the wider CrossFit community. 

New Perspectives

All of these top 11 CrossFit podcasts have experienced and entertaining hosts, who enjoy sharing their own fitness and health experiences with listeners. These experiences can provide you with a new perspective on the industry that you might not have thought about before. When you take into account new perspectives, you can broaden your own point of view. 

Shared Knowledge

You likely already have a lot of knowledge about CrossFit if you’re already interested in it, but these podcasts can provide knowledge that isn’t touched on in traditional classes. You’ll be able to learn from top CrossFit athletes, as well as coaches and other fitness and health professionals. 


The CrossFit lifestyle puts a big focus on community, and listening to podcasts focused on this niche can help you grow your own community. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other listeners, in addition to feeling like you’re getting to know the hosts. 


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The 11 Best CrossFit Podcasts in fitness for 2022