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April 1, 2022

The 11 Best Books for Personal Trainers for 2022 to grow your business

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The 11 Best Books for Personal Trainers for 2022 to grow your business
Cory McKane
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We decided to make a list of the 11 Best Books for Personal Trainers to grow your business in 2022.

Here are the 11 Best Books for Personal Trainers to read in order to grow your business in 2022.

One of the key aspects of being a successful personal trainer is dedication to continuing your education. While you don’t need multiple certifications to obtain this information, there are countless personal training books you can find to expand your knowledge of what it means to be a fitness instructor. This guide has compiled the 11 best personal trainer books that you can purchase today. These books provide valuable information on several different aspects of fitness training, and what it means to be an instructor. They also cover other related topics, including psychology, marketing, business, and personal development. 

Each of these personal training books has valuable insight into the health and fitness fields, and how to create thriving businesses in an already competitive industry. 

11. Rise of The Fit Pros

Business coaches and bestselling authors Chris and Eric Martinez are the “Dynamic Duo” of developing multifaceted fitness institutions. This book will help you create more income, influence, impact, and Independence by helping you truly grow your coaching venture online and in-person. Inside, the Dynamic Duo set out the step-by-step moves you’ll use to motivate your base, establish an online presence, and skyrocket your profits.
You can get this book 100% for free here.

10. Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In

Brett Bartholomew wrote Conscious Coaching in 2017 to teach personal trainers the proper way to move their clients. Bartholomew goes beyond the physical side of coaching, and looks at the psychology that goes into motivating clients. Conscious Coaching is one of the personal trainer books that puts more emphasis on building meaningful relationships. The books has received 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and has almost a thousand reviews.

It can be purchased for $23.95. The kindle version is only $9.99. 

9. Secrets of Successful Program Design: A How-To Guide for Busy Fitness Professionals

Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Rasmussen collaborated to create this book that guides personal trainers through designing their own programs. Secrets of Successful Program Design goes over proven training programs created to help clients reach their goals. The books also goes over to properly assess your clients so you can create a program tailored to their needs. It also features pre-designed work out regimes you can utilize in your own business.

Secrets of Successful Program Design has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, and can be purchased on Kindle for $19.22. Paperback versions cost $34.95

8. Change Maker: Turn Your Passion for Health and Fitness into a Powerful Purpose and a Wildly Successful Career

This book by John Berardi is one of the best personal trainer books for turning your love of health and fitness into a thriving career. Berardi’s books will act as a road map for creating your personal training business, and features valuable insight that can help you succeed. The fitness industry is extremely competitive, which is why personal training books can be vital in making sure you start out on the right foot. You can find Change Maker on Amazon, where it has a 4.8 out 5 rating.

It costs $14.99 on Kindle, and hardcovers are $26.95.

7. Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning

Dan John, author and coach, wrote Never Let Go in 2019 as a straight-forward, yet inspiring look at the coaching lifestyle. John goes over the philosophy behind weight-training, and touches on famous strength events from around the world. Never Let Go also includes examples of work out routines that can benefit any level of athlete. John’s book can be found in Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon, and it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

The Kindle version costs $9.99, and paperback versions cost $24.95.

6. Strength Training for Fat Loss

Strength Training for Fat Loss by Nick Tumminello as a “sensible” guide to losing weight. The book is revered for not relying on any “miracle” routines, and instead offers over 150 exercises with proven results. The book also includes nutrition recommendations and examples of cool-down and warm-up exercises. Tumminello’s book is a great guide for beginner and seasoned clients, and is one of the best personal trainer books for leading weight-loss programs. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and is available in digital and physical versions.

Strength Training for Fat Loss can be bought for $19.49 as a paperback, or $18.52 on kindle.

5. Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training

This books is one of the top personal training books recommended for strength training. Mark Rippetoe wrote Starting Strength as basic guide for barbell related training and exercises. The book has gone through three versions, and sold over 150,000 copies around the world. Rippetoe goes over the importance of barbell training, and lays out a few recommended workout routines. Starting Strength has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

A kindle version costs $9.99, and paperbacks cost $22.61

4. The Body: A Guide for Occupants

Some of the most recommended personal training books give fitness instructors a closer look at the human body. Bill Bryson’s The Body: A Guide for Occupants has been one of the top books for trainers since it was published in 2019. Bryson’s book has received raving reviews for its poetic readability, and all of the interesting facts it shares about the human body. It can give you a new perspective into what it means to keep your clients healthy, and the importance of the fitness industry. The Body: A Guide for Occupants has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and has been reviewed more than 12,000 times.

Paperback versions cost $14.99, while kindle editions are $11.99.

3. The New Power Eating

Nutrition and healthy eating play a vital role in fitness training, and there are countless personal training books that can help you learn more. The New Power Eating by Susan Kleiner has been teaching people how food can transform their bodies since 2018. Kleiner’s book looks at the newest science around healthy eating, and address some of the foods you should stay away from. The book also features several recipes for readers to try out, and goes over some of the best supplements to consider. The New Power Eating has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Digital versions of the book cost $17.99 while paperbacks are $18.99

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

When you are an independent fitness instructor it is vital that you understand how to run a successful business. Some of the best personal trainer books available today will offer valuable insight into how to do this. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age, written by Dale Carnegie, will teach you how to make important business connections and network in today’s digital landscape. Carnegie teaches readers ways to communicate that have proven effective for decades. The books has 4.6 out of 5 stars, and more than 3,000 Amazon ratings.

Paperback editions cost $10.79, and kindle versions cost $13.99.

1. You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

You Are Your Own Gym is one of the best personal training books if you have clients that prefer working out in their own homes. Mark Lauren’s book provides a range of exercises so instructors can make do-it-anywhere programs. The book is great for any level of clients, no matter what their previous abilities are. You Are Your Own Gym is designed for creating 30 minute routines for clients to do four times a week. Lauren’s book has over 2,000 Amazon reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

It costs $12.99 on kindle and $17.99 as a paperback.

So which one of these books are you going to read?


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The 11 Best Books for Personal Trainers for 2022 to grow your business