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April 13, 2023

Secure Your Online Personal Training Business with Comprehensive Insurance: A Quick Guide

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Secure Your Online Personal Training Business with Comprehensive Insurance: A Quick Guide
Cory McKane
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As a personal trainer, there are plenty of tools and resources at your disposal, including insurance coverage. This can protect you and your business. Even as a virtual instructor, online personal trainer insurance is just as important as insurance for in-person fitness instructors.

As a personal trainer, there are plenty of tools and resources at your disposal, including insurance coverage. This can protect you and your business. Even as a virtual instructor, online personal trainer insurance is just as important as insurance for in-person fitness instructors.

Why Insurance Is Important

Insurance is one of the most important things you can have as a personal trainer, whether you get just general liability or more than one type of policy. This is the number one way to keep you, and your entire business, safe. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, and without proper protection, that accident could end up costing your entire career. 

Personal trainer insurance is just as important even as an online trainer and can keep you safe from just as much. Not only can it protect you in the case of bodily harm claims, but it can also protect you from negligence, sexual misconduct, property damage, unsatisfied clients, or harmful nutrition and diet advice claims. In addition, having insurance policies from reputable providers can boost your credibility as an online trainer. 

Different Types of Insurance 

There is more than one type of insurance coverage, and depending on the kind of fitness niche you work in, you might want to consider getting more than one. The first kind to look at is general liability insurance, followed by professional liability. Both these types will protect you from different kinds of claims. 

General Liability 

General liability is also called commercial liability insurance and covers both property and bodily damage claims. While physical gyms and fitness centers have this, it is also important as an online personal trainer. If your client is lifting weights and damages their floor or hurts their foot, general liability insurance protects you from claims that it was your fault. This type of policy will also often include property damage liability, which will protect you from damage or harm that comes from products you sell. 

Professional Liability

In addition to general liability insurance, you should also get professional liability, which will protect you from claims about the services you offer. This keeps you protected from negligence claims, and claims that have to do with bodily harm, slander, and sexual misconduct. Professional liability may also be able to provide you with legal defense in the case of a client filing a lawsuit against you. It will also protect you from harmful advice related to fitness or nutrition. 

Cyber Liability Insurance

An important type of online personal trainer insurance that you will want to consider getting is cyber liability insurance. This type of policy will be able to protect you from the losses that come with a cyber attack. It will also help you recover from such an attack. 

Commons Problems Without Insurance

There are a few common problems that you can run into if you don’t have online personal trainer insurance, from negligence suits to costly legal fees. These kinds of problems can cost you your entire career as a fitness trainer. 


While it isn’t something you want to deal with, you could be faced with a lawsuit from one of your clients. This could come in the form of negligence claims, or claims about harmful advice and bodily harm. Insurance policies are able to cover your legal expenses in most cases, but without coverage, you could be facing some hefty fees. Depending on the claim you are faced with, these fees could end up bankrupting you and your business. 

Lost License

Not having the proper insurance in place can cost you your personal training license. In most instances, it is illegal not to have insurance, and taking on clients without it is grounds for having your license revoked. The only way to keep from running into this problem is by having the right insurance policies in place. 

Top Training Insurances To Consider

There are plenty of insurance providers out there that can provide you with online personal training insurance for virtual fitness classes. However, you will want to go with a reputable and respected company to give you and your business more credibility.

Cover Dash

Cover Dash is like the Expedia for small business insurance. They allow you to enter what you're looking for and then provide multiple quotes for you across various providers. Their platform is super convenient, especially for new coaches.

Next Insurance

Next Insurance is considered one of the best online personal trainer insurance providers if you are after more budget-friendly rates. Policies start at $11 a month and can offer protection for multiple types of fitness niches. These include golf, yoga, dance, and more. You can get general and professional liability through Next Insurance, but make sure to be aware of the exclusions first. 

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance is one of the top providers of online personal training insurance right now. You can get both general and professional liability insurance through them, with liability limits from $500,000 to $5 million. They have one and two-year premiums to choose from. The form to receive your first quote is quick and easy to fill out. 

Liberty Mutual Insurance

One of the best providers of personal training insurance is Liberty Mutual Insurance. They have partnered with the Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation, and have plenty of coverages to pick from. They even offer cyber liability, perfect for virtual fitness classes. Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation has a plethora of coverage options to look through. 

Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox Insurance is one of the oldest and most expensive options out there for personal training insurance. They have general and liability coverage, and protection against breach of contract. Coverage options begin at $270 to $350 a month. Hiscox Insurance is recommended for those with high-profile fitness clients. 

Tips For Picking The Right Insurance

You can follow a few tips when picking your personal trainer insurance to make sure you choose the right coverage for you and your clients. Picking the right policy can keep you from running into bumps down the road. 

Know Your Budget

The monthly cost of your online personal trainer insurance can vary greatly depending on your provider and the kind of coverage you want. Before you start to look at insurance options, you should understand what your budget is. This can help you narrow down your options, and keep you from spending more than you can afford. 

Understand Coverage Limits

There are limits to each coverage option you can purchase, and you should know these limits before you make a final decision. There are limits to the cost that can be covered for legal defense, medical care, property damage, etc. You might want a higher or lower limit depending on the type of instruction you offer. 

Reducing Legal Risks

You can reduce the legal risk you are taking as an online personal trainer in a number of ways. By providing enough time for breaks, making sure to focus, and having informed consent you can protect yourself from legal ramifications. 


You need time for yourself to rest between each session, so much sure you give yourself plenty of time for a break. Just taking time to rest can keep you from making plenty of smaller mistakes. 


Focusing on each of your clients, or group of clients is vital to make sure no one gets hurt. You can see if they are not doing the right form, or otherwise doing something that can get them injured. 

Informed Consent

Verbal and written consent is vital for virtual fitness classes, the same as in-person sessions. Clients need to be aware of what services you will provide and the possible risks they are taking. They also need to give you their consent to perform these services. 

In Conclusion 

Insurance is important for both online and in-person personal trainers, as it can protect them from a number of legal ramifications. There are plenty of top providers to choose from today, with ample coverage options to consider.


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Secure Your Online Personal Training Business with Comprehensive Insurance: A Quick Guide