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December 4, 2020

5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better

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Personal Trainers
5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better
Cory McKane
Blog Post Summary:

5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better. Everything from client management to beautiful image-creators for social media.

5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better

Hi everyone. I'm Cory and I run WeStrive.

One thing I've realized over the years is that the startup/tech world is completely separated from the personal training world.

There are so many easy and unique tools that I use to run WeStrive that most personal trainers have never heard of.

I want to change that.

Today, I'm going to show you 5 tools that some of you may or may not have heard of that will completely transform the way you do business. These tools save me countless hours each week and I hope they will do the same for you.

So here we go, here are 5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better.

1. Canva

Beautiful graphic design tool

I basically worship anything that Canva does. It seems like every week they're releasing a new product that is years ahead of it's time.

The best part? It's 100% free.

I personally pay for the upgraded features but I lived off of a free account for several years.

Here's just a quick screenshot of everything that Canva offers. You're able to design everything from Youtube Banners to t-shirts to QR codes.

Are you stuck not knowing what to post on Instagram? Just type Instagram into the box and Canva will provide countless pre-made templates for you. They even keep every section up-to-date with current trends and the time of year. For example, it's December and if I choose Instagram Post I immediately see countless Christmas designs.

Try typing in Fitness and just see how many amazing options pop up! Canva truly is an amazing tool and it will absolutely transform your business.

Pricing: Free

Upgrade: $12.95/Month

2. Gmail, Google Drive, & G-Suite

Email provider, storage, and everything else

As the founder of a personal training app, I basically email back and forth with trainers all day. I've set up hundreds of calls with you so I know how often you use a modern email provider + calendar... and it's not very often.

Setting up Gmail is:

  1. Free
  2. Easy
  3. Amazing
  4. The greatest thing ever

Just recently, I had to switch to Outlook for a week while we transferred servers and it was almost as if my world fell apart.

Gmail allows you to easily attach custom signatures to your emails, schedule emails in advance, organize contacts with tags, and so much more.

On top of that, you have access to the entire G-Suite package which comes with the following:

Personally (I had never actually seen Chat before lol), My team and I use

  • Gmail - Email provider
  • Meet - Where we host our daily calls (faster Zoom alternative)
  • Calendar - Where I host my entire life
  •          Whether you have Android or iOS, this is the best Calendar out there
  • Drive - Where we store all of our documents, files, videos, etc.
  •          Trainers! Use Google Drive to store all of your training files for free
  • Docs - Where we built-out all of our contracts & documents
  • Sheets - Where all of our financial data and work-flows are stored
Overall, I truly believe it's a mistake to not use Gmail & the G-suite group. This will truly make your personal training business better and if you're using any other email provider - this will be an upgrade.

Plus, it's free 🙂

Pricing: Free

Company: $6/User

Add-ons: I pay about $1-$10/month for storage on Google Drive. You don't have to, we just have hundreds of full-length videos and needed a convenient place to store them.

3. Hootsuite or Buffer

Social media managers

Organizing and planning out your social media calendar ahead of time can be a life changer. I've been on both sides - the side that just posts randomly when they feel like it - and the side that schedules ahead of time.

I promise you, I'm much happier and the quality of the content is much better when I schedule ahead of time.

Both Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to use those beautiful posts you just made on Canva and schedule them out in a calendar.

I personally prefer Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, they have a new feature where you can send the pre-built post to your phone as a notification - copy the post - and paste it immediately into Instagram.

This method is the best in my opinion because it allows you to make any last minute changes to your post + add tags. Auto-scheduling is great until you forget that you're auto-posting and space out on promoting it.


Pricing: Free - up to 30 posts - 1 social media account

Upgrade: Starting at $29/month


Pricing: Free - up to 10 posts - 3 social media accounts

Upgrade: Starting at $15/month

4. Shorby

Social media linking app

Shorby is one of WeStrive's favorite tools. Here's the link to our page:

Shorby allows you to easily build out a full link page that you can attach to your social media profiles under the URL section.

What we love about it is that you can customize EVERYTHING. The background photo, the picture attached to each link, the color scheme...everything.

Plus, it has tracking and analytics. You can easily attach your Facebook Pixel to Shorby and it will allow you to see who's checking out your links.

At WeStrive, we have our demo call link, an onboarding page, and the link to our mobile app.

As a trainer, you'll have completely different links. Typically what we've seen is:

  • A link to your website
  • The link to your WeStrive Landing Page (if you're on WeStrive)
  • A testimonials page
  • Supplements/other products you work with
  • All social media handles
  • A link to the packages you're selling

Overall, it's a super easy setup and has a massive benefit vs. just having one link to your website in your Instagram bio.

Pricing: $12/month

5. Asana (Advanced)

Project management tool

Asana is used by people all over the world, hundreds of companies, and is absolutely adored by WeStrive.

Asana is actually super easy to use and isn't really an 'Advanced' tool, but I feel like this wouldn't be of use to you unless you are an experienced trainer with a lot of clients.

Early on with your training, especially with tools like WeStrive, it's not that hard to manage your tasks & the clients you work with. However, once you get a handful of clients and you're expanding your reach across the fitness realm, you're going to want a tool like Asana to manage your day-to-day life.

With Asana, you can quickly built out full length projects and break them down based on a timeline, calendar, list, or (our favorite) board.

Let's say that in a month you need to organize fitness photo shoots, build client programs, take a nutrition certification, and then start working on your new pricing model.

You would simply sign-up (for free) on Asana, create a 'Personal Training' Board and then being to create tasks for your to-do list.

You can add In Progress, Idea Stage, Done, etc. to your board and then as you complete tasks, just drag them down the board.

Using platforms like Asana is the only way I can stay sane when it comes to managing my products.

And there you have it! Those are 5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better. If you have any questions just email us at

Keep Striving,

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Written by
Cory McKane
CEO | WeStrive
Huge fan of fitness - Even bigger fan of helping you with your fitness. I've been building up the WeStrive platform for over 5 years and I'm excited to keep building out the greatest Health & Wellness platform on Earth.

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5 easy apps that will make your personal training business better