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May 17, 2022

How To confidently Make Your Online Personal Trainer Package Prices

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Personal Trainers
How To confidently Make Your Online Personal Trainer Package Prices
Cory McKane
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When creating the pricing model for your personal training business, it’s going to look pretty different from the pricing model that many other businesses have. It’s not as simple as listing $80 sessions, you need to break things down more than that. In this guide, you'll learn how to confidently make your online personal training prices.

How To confidently Make Your Online Personal Trainer Package Prices

When creating the pricing model for your personal training business, it’s going to look pretty different from the pricing model that many other businesses have. It’s not as simple as listing $80 sessions, you need to break things down more than that. Fitness sessions vary from how long they last to the kind of regime you do. Some sessions may even include multiple people. Not to mention any special rates or promos you want to include for your training business. When figuring out how to make your personal trainer package, our quick guide can lay a foundation for you to work with. It touches on making group personal training packages, as well as what to consider when pricing your packages, and the various ones you can offer. 

Business of Personal Training

Before going over how to price your training packages, you need to understand the basics of the business itself. This will allow you to have a better grasp on creating a proper pricing model while remaining competitive. As a personal trainer, you’ll be helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. This can be anything from staying in shape to preparing for a major athletic event. This kind of career requires basic knowledge of health and fitness, along with a certification in many instances. You can work as part of a gym or fitness club, or run your own business. The specific pricing structure you utilize will vary based on your career path, and whether or not you work for yourself. 

What To Consider

When designing your personal trainer package there are a few things to consider before pricing. These key points will help you narrow down the exact amount your should be charging. While trying to price your training packages, make sure to note the desired outcomes, basic services you will offer, any possible incentives, and the location you’re working in. You’ll also want to do proper research into competitors so your prices aren’t too above or below. 

Desired Outcome

Your fitness routines are designed to meet the needs of your clients, and your pricing structure should reflect these needs. Focus on the desired outcomes for your clients and try to create prices in line with what you are providing. Think about niche outcomes, such as getting in shape for the summer, developing healthier habits, or learning how to work out from home. You can narrow down niche goals like these by analyzing your target market, and understanding the kind of fitness values you want to represent. Having desired outcomes in mind can go a long way when making your personal training package. 

Basic Services 

Ideally, you will have a personal training package that includes your basic services and can be a good starting point for new clients. This will also often be your cheapest package, and might not be as personalized as other ones. However, new clients should still be able to customize it in ways to fit their needs. You can offer multiple levels of services, and many popular instructors off three tiers of custom packages. Even at the most basic level, your training packages should be able to help people reach their end fitness goals, while higher tier packages can be more individualized. Once you know the basic services you will offer you can better put together your final packages. You can even offer extra services for an additional cost. You’ll also need to figure out how frequently you want to charge. While you can charge per session, monthly or weekly packages are quite popular. 

Incentives or Discounts

A great way to make your personal trainer package appealing, especially if you are just starting out, is to include some kind of incentive or discount. Make sure you don’t discount your services too often though, or your clients will come to expect it. It can be a good idea to offer free fitness assessments for potential clients or offer discounts if they pay for a few months upfront. You can also have free add-ons offered for certain fitness packages. There are plenty of creative incentives you can come up with when creating your training packages and putting together pricing structures. 

Location and Competitors 

The location of your business and the prices of your nearby competitors are two key points you’ll want to consider before crafting your own training packages. If you’re in an area with a high demand for trainers then you can get away with higher hourly rates than you might be able to charge in other locations. You’ll also want to remain competitive with other fitness businesses in your area, or it will be hard to find and keep clients. The economy of your location is another important aspect to keep in mind, as this will impact what your target market can realistically afford to pay. 


When it comes to pricing your personal training packages, you can charge different rates per session. You can also have various rates for weekly or monthly packages. For example, you can charge anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour depending on your location, market, instruction offered, and more. You can also offer packages that include a few sessions a week, and charge a flat weekly or monthly rate. Some trainers also offer online and group packages and online sessions are often cheaper. 

Different Kinds of Training Packages

There are different kinds of packages you can offer as a personal trainer. From individual to online sessions, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Different kinds of packages will usually have different rates. 

Individual Packages

Individual training session packages are one of the basic and most common fitness packages you can offer. Clients can hire you for a few sessions a week or month to work on their health goals. These should be made in a way that you can tailor them to each client’s individual needs. Trainers tend to offer various tiers of individual packages. 

Group Packages 

Group packages are another popular option offered by most trainers, and they are usually more discounted than individual packages. These allow groups, such as families, friends, or athletic teams, to work on their joint fitness goals together. You can create packages with a few group sessions a month so they can work on long-term goals with you. When it comes to how to price your group training packages, it will depend on how long they last, the number of people in the session, and the routines you offer. 

Online Training

Online personal training has become a popular option as the industry grows and expands into the digital age. These packages allow people to work out with professional fitness instructors from the comfort of their own homes, as long as they can access any necessary equipment. Online personal training packages may be cheaper than in-person sessions since the routines you can work on might be limited. However, trainers can usually offer more of these sessions a week, which can lead to an increased income. 

What To Remember

There are a few important aspects to remember when pricing your personal training packages, and doing so can lay the pathway for a successful fitness business. The desired outcomes of your clients, the basic services you plan to offer, possible incentives and discounts, and the location of your target market will all impact the pricing structure of your training packages. The kind of packages you offer, such as group, online, or individual will also affect the price. 


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Huge fan of fitness - Even bigger fan of helping you with your fitness. I've been building up the WeStrive platform for over 5 years and I'm excited to keep building out the greatest Health & Wellness platform on Earth.

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How To confidently Make Your Online Personal Trainer Package Prices