May 16, 2022

How To Write The Perfect Mission Statement For Your Gym

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How To Write The Perfect Mission Statement For Your Gym
Cory McKane
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A vital aspect of any great gym is a good mission statement. This highlights everything your gym or fitness club believes in and should resonate with the right audience. Find out how to write an effective mission statement for your gym in this article here.

How To Write An Effective Mission Statement For Your Gym 

A vital aspect of any great gym is a good mission statement. This highlights everything your gym or fitness club believes in and should resonate with the right audience. An effective mission statement can be relevant for yours to come and can work to tremendously increase your business. 

There are several important features to consider when opening your own gym as a fitness instructor. One of the first things you create should be a great mission statement that showcases what your business or fitness club stands for. A gym mission statement is representative of your entire business and can say a lot about you and your gym. It’s important that you put in the work to create a great mission statement that will actively attract clients to your gym. It might seem like a straightforward goal to accomplish, but it requires more creativity and work than you might realize. 

If you follow these six key points then you can come up with a great gym mission statement to work for your business. There are also a few examples you can look at to get an idea of what your statement should sound like.  

6 Points To Remember 

There are several key points to keep in mind when creating an effective mission statement for your fitness club or gym, from building the best team to. These six points can provide a guidepost to creating the best statement for your business. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of mission statement you write, keeping it simple and short is always recommended. 

Build A Team

A mission statement will need to reflect more than just you, it should reflect your entire brand and gym. For this reason, it’s recommended to build a team of staff members to work on your statement. You should already have a team for marketing, administration, and sales and working on your mission statement should be given the same importance. Make sure to listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions, and have the statement proofread a few times before finalizing it. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have someone not on your team take a look and give you honest feedback. 

Know Your Direction

An effective gym or fitness club mission statement will have one clear direction and stick to it. Changing direction in one statement can confuse your target market and likely won’t attract much business. You can figure out this direction by getting to know your gym’s core beliefs. Get to know what made you choose a career in health and fitness, and what principles you stand for. 

Know Your Market

Since an effective gym mission statement is part of your marketing approach, it’s important you know what your target market is. This will help you narrow down the direction of your mission statement, and decide which core fitness values to focus on. A good way to find your target market is by identifying the age, lifestyle, gender, and fitness goals of your current clientele. Knowing who you will be targeting with your mission statement will go a long way in making it more effective. If you don’t have much of a clientele right now then just think about the kind of market you want to attract, and craft a mission statement directed at them. 

Understand The Benefits 

Before crafting a fitness club mission statement you should understand the exact benefits you will get to enjoy. For one, it can help your business and team stay on track with the direction your gym wants to take. Mission statements are a great way to present your values and beliefs and hold your employees to them. It’s also a way to let potential employees or gym members know right away if your business is a good fit for them. When you know the benefits that come with having an effective mission statement you can stay motivated to create your own. 

Recognize Your Values

One of the most important points to keep in mind when creating your mission statement is that you need to recognize your values. An effective fitness club mission statement will clearly and accurately display these values, so not being able to recognize them is a problem. The best way to recognize these values is by asking yourself “why” questions. To understand what your business stands for, ask yourself what inspired you to work in fitness at all and why you want to help others with their own fitness goals. You can also ask what fitness and health principles you value most, both in your own business and others. 

Be Clear

Gym mission statements need to be clear, concise, and simple to be effective. It should be clear what your gym stands for, what your values are, and what potential clients can expect to experience when working with you. The clearest statements will be no longer than four sentences but should be at least two. Staying under one hundred words total is usually a safe bet. Use plain language while being relevant so you can resonate with more clientele. The most effective fitness club mission statement can even act as a slogan for your business. Make sure not to overuse words, or use a complicated vocabulary. Short and sweet is the best approach to keep in mind. 

4 Examples of Great Mission Statements 

The following four examples of mission statements come from popular gyms and have proven to be incredibly effective. You can look at these examples to find inspiration for crafting your own statement, and to get an idea of the kind of formulas that work the best. 


“Our mission is to bring Soul to the people. Our one of a kind, rockstar instructors guide riders through an inspirational, meditative fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind, and soul.”

Gold’s Gym

“To enhance the quality of life in the communities, we serve through our fitness philosophy, facilities, programs, and products and to instill in the lives of people everywhere the value of health and fitness.”


“Strava is Swedish for “strive,” which epitomizes our attitude and ambition. We’re a passionate and committed team, unified by our mission to build the most engaged community of athletes in the world.”

CorePower Yoga

“Share our authentic passion for yoga and healthy living to inspire everyone to live their most extraordinary life.”

While you can’t copy these examples exactly they can provide some great inspiration, and give you an idea of the kind of messages that have proven to be successful. 

Wrapping Up

By following these six key points when creating a gym mission statement you’ll be able to create the most effective one for your business. These points will help you craft a message about the values of your gym and team while bringing in new clientele and potential employees. Several major gyms have developed successful mission statements, and none of them is complex or over complicated. The best approach when creating your own is to keep it short and sweet. Combining this with our key points is a successful method for crafting the most effective mission statement for your gym or fitness club. If you need more inspiration look back at the four examples we gathered to see the kind of statements that have proven track records of success. 


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How To Write The Perfect Mission Statement For Your Gym