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May 6, 2022

The #1 Guide for Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals

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The #1 Guide for Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals
Cory McKane
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Instagram is one of the leading social media apps in the world, and nearly anyone with a smartphone will have the app downloaded. Check out this article for quick tips on how to dominate Instagram with the #1 Guide for Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals 

Instagram is one of the leading social media apps in the world, and nearly anyone with a smartphone will have the app downloaded. This social media network has become more than just a place for people to connect and share photos, it’s also become a vital tool in various types of business. Fitness professionals everywhere have turned to Instagram as an important marketing tool in growing their audience and bringing in new clients. This social network has become nearly as important as websites for your personal training business. By learning how to grow your fitness Instagram account, you can further develop your entire business and brand. As the face of your business, you’ll be establishing yourself as a fitness model on Instagram. 

11 Key Points To Growing Your Instagram

It can seem overwhelming to get started on Instagram if you haven’t already done so, especially since so many fitness professionals have already found success on the app. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t be just as successful, no matter when you start crafting your account. This ultimate guide to Instagram marketing for fitness professionals touches on 11 key points to growing your account and touches on the major benefits you’ll get to experience.

Complete Your Profile

Your first step when creating a fitness Instagram account should be to completely fill out your profile. Make sure you have a professional profile photo, a filled out bio, and your @name. If you need help creating a profile photo that looks professional but doesn’t cost anything, you can use this guide from WeStrive. Your actual name should also contain a key feature about your niche, which would be fitness. You can add ‘personal trainer,’ or ‘fitness coach’ to your name to attract the right audience. 

Find Your Style

Once you start up your Instagram account you should try to find your style fairly quickly. Check out the account of other personal trainers and you’ll notice that many of them have an aesthetic that their posts revolve around. It’s smart to do some research beforehand, and take note of the kind of style you want to represent with your account. A great way to get started is by picking a few colors that represent your brand and making posts that fit that scheme. 

Post High-Quality Content 

Considering visual content is the key to Instagram, you should make sure you’re always posting high-quality photos and videos. Blurry or unappealing photos won’t be effective in attracting clients to your personal training business. A good way to do this is to make sure your photos are high resolution, with attractive backgrounds. You can even download editing apps to make sure your content is the best it can be. You can also follow the same WeStrive guide for headshots, and apply it to any professional style photos you might need. Photos that feature popular fitness fashion, or show glimpses of your equipment, are also great approaches for drawing in new clientele. 

Use Hashtags 

If you want your content to become popular on Instagram, or have a chance of going viral, you should make sure to properly utilize hashtags. There are hundreds of thousands of hashtags on the social network, and plenty of them are geared toward fitness professionals. These hashtags can help potential clients find you, and even help you connect with other instructors. You can also create custom hashtags tailored to your fitness business, which will not only help grow your account but also give your clients a way to connect with each other, and you.

Post Before and After Pictures 

In the fitness world, people want to see results, and your potential clients want to know you can deliver those results. A great way to show you can is by posting some before and after photos. You can post photos of yourself, or even some of your clients if they are okay with this. This is a great way to establish yourself as a fitness model on Instagram. 

Create A Schedule (But Mix It Up)

Posting on a consistent basis to any social media site is essential in growing your following. You should have a basic posting schedule that you stick to, which can easily be accomplished through multiple software programs. However, you should also mix it up every now and then by adding an extra post or two. This can make your profile look more authentic and genuine. You certainly don’t have to post every day. In fact, you should have at least one day a week that you take a break from your social media accounts so you can recharge. 

Utilize Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are one of the more recent additions to this social network, and they have quickly become vital to any professional looking profile. You can even add story highlights to your account, which can give people that visit your profile insight into your fitness business. Story highlights can contain fitness tips, important information about upcoming sessions, promos for new clients, and more. Regularly posting stories will also keep your followers engaged with you, as stories are the first thing people see when they open the app. 

Plan Photos in Advance 

In order not to get behind on your Instagram posting schedule then make sure to plan your photos in advance. When you do this you can carefully pick the fitness fashion or equipment you want to be featured in the post. You can also better plan relevant posts that will engage your target audience. By planning photos in advance, you can also make sure all of your content smoothly flows together. This can make sure your profile looks attractive to potential clients that visit it. Many fitness Instagram models will plan photos to post a few weeks in advance. 

Create A Contest 

Instagram contests have been popular since the early days of the social network platform, and they continue to be relevant today. You can partner with a local business you know of in order to offer a prize to your followers. You can also host contests where followers can win a free training session with you or a series of free sessions. This is a great way to turn followers into clients, or get referrals. Instagram contests are easy to host because they usually only require followers to like or share your post. 

Use A Business Profile 

One great feature of Instagram is the ability to switch your account to a business profile. This is the recommended setting if you want to use the platform to grow your fitness business. This feature comes with many benefits, including the ability to promote posts, add a business email, and track your analytics. This insight can be vital when trying to become a fitness model on Instagram. 

Connect Other Social Media Profiles

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, but it isn’t the only one that can help you grow your fitness business. When you have an Instagram account, you can link your other social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Each of these other sites can play its own role in helping you become an online fitness model. 

The Benefits of Growing Your Instagram

There are plenty of great benefits that come with growing your fitness business on Instagram. This social site sees millions of visitors every day, and hundreds of thousands of fitness models have already established successful careers. As you grow your following, you’ll realize it doesn’t take too long to reap the rewards. 

Reach A New Audience

With millions of people on Instagram, your posts will have the potential to reach new audiences you wouldn’t have been able to any other way. By doing proper research and using the right hashtags, your fitness posts will reach a wide range of potential clientele. 

Attract New Clients

When you have an established presence as a fitness model on Instagram you’ll have endless potential to attract new clients to your business. Your Instagram account can give your brand more credibility, making it easier for new clients to trust you with their fitness journeys. Your potential clientele can also get valuable insight into your business, and you as an instructor. 

Stay Relevant 

Since Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites around, having a profile is a great way to stay relevant. If you post consistently and utilize the featured tools in the app, you can make sure your followers stay engaged. This is the best way to stay relevant in a competitive industry like fitness and health. 

Wrapping Up

It might seem impossible to grow your fitness profile on Instagram, especially with all of the competition and already established fitness models on the site. However, by following this comprehensive guide, you can successfully market your business without needing a huge budget. There are several key points that can help you grow your account to the next level, not to mention all of the benefits your business will experience. In today’s digital-centered world, you can’t go wrong with growing your Instagram account to benefit your fitness training business. It won’t be easy, but this guide can be a great road map to follow.


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The #1 Guide for Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals