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November 22, 2020

How to grow your personal training business

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Personal Trainers
How to grow your personal training business
Karlie Jennings
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Let's take some time to highlight the top 4 tools to growing your training business online and getting you in front of the right people. These tips will propel you into the next level of your business!

Certified Trainer Karlie Jennings

Let's take some time to highlight the top 4 tools to growing your training business online and getting you in front of the right people. I’ll be providing you with some really helpful business nuggets to help propel you into the next level of your business - the suffering will be worth it! I promise!

A little background on myself. I am 25 years old and have been in the entrepreneur game since I was 20. I started off as a trainer and within the course of 5 years (feels like 30), I am now the COO of a multiple 6-figure training studio, the COO of a coaching program teaching trainers how to make their businesses more profitable, as well as the CEO of an online training company that does $10k+/monthly utilizing WeStrive. I love sharing my knowledge with those around me and I’ll try to condense my knowledge down into some neat and clean guidelines for you to follow.

1. GET A PLAN IN PLACE. If you are just starting out or even 5+ years in the game, you can always look over and re-evaluate your business plan. Of course, plans change over time but if you are that person who changes their entire business model every single week, you are going to have a hard time growing your business. Reach deep down and get to know what your niche is.

Here are some questions/tasks you can ask yourself if you have not found who your niche client is yet:

  • Describe your FAVORITE client.
  • What does that ideal client struggle with? (describe in rich detail) (Emotionally, Financially, Pain Triggers)
  • What is the biggest result you can help this ideal client achieve?
  • What is the cost for them if they do not take action now to fix their health or achieve the results that they want?
  • What are the BIGGEST MISTAKES your ideal client is making right now?

2. STOP LOOKING AT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. I’m not saying that you cannot learn from those around you, but don't get sucked into the negative loop of copying what other people offer in their program and charging what they charge (or a little less to seem ‘competitive’). This step was what really launched me into the next level of my business. I won’t sit here and sugar coat things for you...stop trying to be like everyone else, be yourself. Charge what you feel your time and your value are worth and own it.

3. FOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESS. This specific ideas took me a very long time to learn and accept. It is so easy for us to get into a routine and focus solely on our strengths, but we never get out of our box and learn new techniques to better serve our clients. Learning new things (especially when it comes to growing your business) may seem hard at first, but were you an amazing lifter on the very first day you went to the gym?? Probably not.

Ask yourself, what are 3 things that you could learn this year that would take your business to the next level??

(Learning a marketing platform, improving your sales closing percentage, becoming a better communicator, etc.)

4. HIRE A BUSINESS COACH. As someone who has invested over $100k in coaches, having a coach has been (for me) the most fun thing that I have had the chance to do. Obviously, not everyone is in the position to hire a coach immediately but this is something to absolutely look into. Having someone in your corner to steer you in the correct direction and help you grow not only as an individual but also as a business owner.

My Tips for Hiring A Coach:

  1. Make sure you mesh. Is this a person that you can spend a lot of time with? Do you feel that you can listen and learn from them and have a genuine relationship with them to be open and honest about what you struggle with?
  2. Can they back it up? Do they have people that you can talk with who are in the process of completing their coaching program?
  3. Assess their communication level. Do they get back to you in a few hours or 48 hours? Time is money and if a coach is taking an extended amount of time to respond but makes promises to do better...Actions speak louder than words. Make sure you’re being taken care of.

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Written by
Karlie Jennings
Certified Trainer & Transformation Coach
Certified personal trainer, gym owner, and the founder of Badass Babes

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How to grow your personal training business