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March 29, 2022

A few great reasons for Why You Should Enroll For ISSA Certification Course

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A few great reasons for Why You Should Enroll For ISSA Certification Course
Cory McKane
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It is no longer news that ISSA is the world's principal organization dedicated to fitness education. In this article, you'll discover why the International Sports Sciences Association is the global leader in fitness education.

It is no longer news that ISSA is the world's principal organization dedicated to fitness education. It provides comprehensive, research-based distance education for fitness professionals via both old and new programs. It offers 12 different fitness certificates, ranging from general personal training to specialty areas such as bodybuilding, group fitness, as well as strength and conditioning. Students can also get an associate's degree in exercise science through ISSA, which is focused on real-world understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition.

This is the first and only fitness organization to be approved on a national level by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Getting a personal training certification can help you stand out in the increasingly competitive sector of personal training. Read on as you discover why the International Sports Sciences Association is the global leader in fitness education.

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What Is ISSA??

Since 1988, ISSA (the International Sports Science Association) has been active in the fitness industry. They are headed by some of the world's most renowned fitness professionals and exercise scientists.

Around 400,000 students and trainers are currently enrolled in ISSA programs in 174 countries offering 12 fitness certifications. They are regarded as a leader in fitness education. ISSA students include physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and health care workers, to name a few.

The primary distinction between the NCCA and DEAC-accredited ISSA tests is that the NCCA exam is proctored. This implies that you can either take the exam in person or via a remote, live-proctored system from home.

Each exam covers essentially the same subject, and studying for any exam should prepare you for both.

What You Need To Know About the ISSA Program

Despite the fact that this is an entirely online program, you will have access to unlimited instructional help and customer service before and after earning your certification.

ISSA Course 

ISSA personal training certification has all the study materials and testing available online, the Certification course enables you to take study at your own convenience. The practice exam questions are taken from the course materials containing the following:

  • Health Assessment - 22% 
  • Kinesiology - 11% 
  • Physiology - 12%
  • Nutrition - 11%
  • Application - 23% 
  • Business of Personal Training - 13%
  • Emergency Procedures - 8%

Free Professional website

When you enroll for the course you then have access to a business  and marketing guide, a virtual student forum with 250 animated 3D exercises, and a free professional website for their certified personal trainers. WeStrive is the primary part of ISSA and you'll receive a free website through our platform as well where you can highlight your WeStrive certification.

Certification Pass-Mark

The final exam may be taken from any location (including at home), and is an open-book, untimed examination that may be completed in numerous sessions. To become certified, you must earn a score of at least 75% on the final exam. 

Course Duration

You have four months to finish the coursework, with possible extensions. Additionally, there is a guided study program that provides the structure through weekly assignments, smaller units, and multimedia lectures to assist you in completing the course work in ten weeks.

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How Does the ISSA Course Work?

The ISSA personal trainer course can be started at any time that is convenient for the learner. Six months are allotted to a student to complete the course. If you are unable to finish the program requirements within six months, you may request a free two-month extension. If you still couldn’t  finish the requirements after the first extension period, you may seek another 2-month extension for a non-refundable cost. 

ISSA offers a fast-track certification program that allows you to earn your certification in as little as four weeks. Some students take three or four months to do the assignment. Once they’re certain that they’ve mastered the content, they can sit for the online exam.

Which Individuals Qualify for ISSA Certification?

ISSA certification requires that a trainer be at least 18 years old. Additionally, students must demonstrate that they have completed high school. ISSA verifies its identity by requesting government identification. Trainers can study and sit for their certification exams online. They can work independently until they have mastered the material. Additionally, students must demonstrate CPR certification in order to obtain their ISSA certification.

What Are The Different Types Of Available ISSA Package And Their Costs?

All the programs share a common underlying objective: to educate students in the science and exercise knowledge necessary to assess, train, and encourage their clients.

These programs are holistic in nature and integrate multiple fields of study to prepare graduates with all the skills they will need throughout their careers. The ISSA programs will assist you in developing your fitness expertise, professionalism, and customer service abilities. Below are different IISA courses that are currently available:

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified personal Trainer Only requires one course, and the duration is going to be 12 months. The student will pay $69 monthly.

Fitness Coach

To enroll in a Fitness Coach class, the student needs to take two courses, the duration of the lecture will be 12 months. Each month is $69.

Elite Trainer

To become an Elite Trainer, the student must take three courses for twelve months. Each month will be $119.

Master Trainer

In other to become a certified  Master Trainer, six courses need to be taken within 12 months. each month subscription is $149.

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What Do Personal Trainers Who Are ISSA-Certified Learn?

Students enrolled in the ISSA-certified personal training course must demonstrate expertise in a variety of areas connected to the study and teaching of personal fitness. To begin, applicants will familiarize themselves with anatomy and physiology. They gain knowledge of metabolism and the biomechanics of exercise.

ISSA trainers would have become familiar with many forms of fitness training, such as strength training, cardiovascular activity, and flexibility. They research individual nutrition and body composition. The ISSA curriculum teaches trainers how to evaluate a client's fitness level and collaborate to create an efficient training program.

The program teaches participants how to train someone who has a disability, such as advanced age, adaptive needs, youth fitness, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or heart disease. Finally, the course covers fundamental first aid

Enroll Today For Your ISSA Course  Using Westrive! 

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you wish to assist others? Would you like to earn a solid livelihood while maintaining some job flexibility? Why not pursue certification as a personal trainer

If you're seeking a career as a trainer, ISSA is a renowned and reasonably priced choice. 

Enroll today as ISSA offers courses to assist you in advancing your career in any direction you desire!

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A few great reasons for Why You Should Enroll For ISSA Certification Course