November 19, 2021

Everyone is talking about the 75 Day hard challenge - What is 75 hard?

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Everyone is talking about the 75 Day hard challenge - What is 75 hard?
Abigail Annis
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At the onset of Covid-19, specifically during the quarantine days, Andy Frisella created the 75 day hard challenge. This blew up on social media, specifically on TikTok with the hashtag #75Hard - but what exactly is it?

At the onset of Covid-19, specifically during the quarantine days, Andy Frisella created the 75 day hard challenge. This blew up on social media, specifically on TikTok with the hashtag #75Hard. It gained popularity throughout 2020 and still calls on people to accept the challenge today. Let's go through what this challenge entails and different opinions surrounding the program.

This challenge involves 75 days of straight discipline, and the purpose, explained by Andy Frisella himself, is to “change your life, starting from the inside.” To expand on this idea, this challenge is not solely focused on improving physical fitness, but overall wellbeing and health. Although people see physical results at the end of the challenge, it is mainly carried out to test mental toughness and prove commitment to a goal. Challengers stick to 7 main goals for 75 days, which calculates to about two and a half months.

These goals include:

  • Drinking one gallon of water per day
  • Picking a diet and sticking to it
  • Working out twice a day for 45 min each
  • Reading 10 pages of non-fiction per day
  • Taking a progress picture each day
  • Taking a 5 minute cold shower daily
  • and performing a random act of kindness or talking to someone in person daily

The diet goal does not instruct challengers on what type of diet to adopt, but includes details that there are no cheat meals or alcohol allowed. Also, for the workout goal,  Andy Frisella specifies that one workout should be performed outdoors. With daily reading, it is encouraged to read either entrepreneurial or self-help content.

Andy Frisella also adds an extra component to this: if you slip up, you start over. 

The 75 hard challenge has been mainly appealing to competitive people. Especially since during quarantine, it was difficult to achieve or accomplish very much. This challenge allowed people to accomplish daily goals as well as feel a sense of purpose and routine. These 75 days are meant to be demanding and many people may question continuing the challenge, but many report that it is the best feeling when they complete something they knew was extremely difficult. However, at the end of the day, it is important to listen to the needs of your body and do what is right for you. It is a good idea to consult a physician or trusted health care provider before starting this program to be sure it is right for your needs and current condition.

Although Andy Frisella intended for this challenge to be a positive experience for many, it has received a bit of backlash regarding its potential harm. Before taking on the challenge, it is important to be aware of all information surrounding this program, especially regarding safety. Many have noted that Andy Frisella is not a licensed dietitian, trainer, or fitness expert, therefore people should proceed with caution. Some professionals believe this challenge is unsafe for some people due to the unspecific parameters. For example, the term “diet” is very broad and can mean different things to different people. It is important to pick a diet that is healthy and right for you instead of one that you may think will show results. Also, it is important to be in a healthy enough condition to be suited to exercise twice a day. This is why some believe the challenge may lead some people down a path of disordered eating and unsafe exercise routines that are not safe to sustain over a long period of time. Thinking about the end of this challenge, if there is no attainable maintenance plan, all weight will likely return and undo the effort put into the 75 days of hard work. There is also not much explanation behind the purpose behind some goals such as the cold shower.

Additionally, the component of requiring a restart of the challenge if you “fail” puts unnecessary stress on perfection, turning imperfection into an enemy. Professionals believe if you “fail” one component for a day, it is better to accept that some days won’t be perfect and celebrate as long as each person is making strides towards suitable goals. With this in mind, many encourage challengers to complete some portions in moderations and apply parameters in the context of each person’s individual situation. 

At its core, this challenge is about sticking to a health regimine for a long enough period of time to appreciate hard work and results instead of quickly switching to a different program when nothing seems to be happening. Consistency is a great component for achieving a goal, but rigidity is not always beneficial. This is why professionals encourage people taking on the challenge to make some alterations that allow this plan to be carried out in a healthy way longterm. For example, when planning a diet, instead of cutting out sweets or meat, it is a good idea to try something not as extreme or restrictive, such as adding healthier foods to each meal. If this challenge doesn’t feel right for you, remember you can always look online for other challenges or adapt the rules of the 75 hard and make it your own!



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Written by
Abigail Annis
Health Blogger
Sports Medicine student at the University of Texas. I have a true passion for fitness and am thankful to get to share this excitement with readers seeking insight on a variety of health-related topics.

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Everyone is talking about the 75 Day hard challenge - What is 75 hard?