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June 26, 2022

6 Step plan to Create amazing Programs for Any Personal Training Client

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Personal Trainers
6 Step plan to Create amazing Programs for Any Personal Training Client
Cory McKane
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You need to be able to design effective programs as a personal trainer, but it can be overwhelming to get started. However, there are six steps you can follow to design a great personal training program template for any kind of client. 

You need to be able to design effective programs as a personal trainer, but it can be overwhelming to get started. However, there are six steps you can follow to design a great personal training program template for any kind of client. 

6 Step Program Template 

As a personal trainer, it can be highly beneficial to follow a program template when setting up routines for each of your clients. There are plenty of reasons to follow a template, from how time-saving it can be to how easy it will be to keep track of everything. When creating a personal training program template there are six steps you can follow. These steps will help you design the best template to benefit your business. 

The Foundation

The first step to any personal training program template is creating the foundation. If you do this right it will make each of the following steps easier. The foundation will be made by looking at equipment, client goals, fitness niches, or any workout preferences. One example of a template foundation might be three sessions a week with workouts aimed at building strength and endurance. Make sure to note if your client has a certain piece of equipment they like to use. 

Basic Programming 

Basic programming for your workout template is the step following your foundation. This will include a few weeks of training sessions, preferably broken into multiple movements to do throughout each week. The basic program will include the specific workout you want clients to do, in addition to the number of reps. Make sure to include the exact days of the week as well. 

Create Variations

As you finish out your workout programming template you will want to add variations to the regime. After the first few phases add variations of reps to help clients build up their endurance and strength. Having variations in your program template will keep things more exciting for your clients, and keep them from getting bored by doing the same movements over and over. 

Room For Evolvement 

One of the most important steps to follow when creating a personal training program template is to leave room for evolution. You need to be able to change up the exercises so they are evolving along with your clients. Clients will start to require more intense movements as they advance, and good templates should grow with them. Not to mention it saves you from having to create a completely new training template down the road. 

Choose The Frequency

One of the most important steps in designing a workout program template is choosing the frequency your client wants to have sessions. This could be just once a week, or multiple times a week. However, your template should also include routines for your clients to do on their own between training sessions. 

Once you have decided on a frequency, you should add the specific days they will be held on. Make sure to include exactly how long the sessions will be, and a basic outline of the routine for that day. 

Include Rest Time

Rest time is vital when training and the exact amount of time that you rest will depend on the exact workouts and reps that you do. As part of your six-step template-building process, make sure to include rest times. Training is not all about exercising, it is also about taking time to rest and recover. No program template can be fully complete without this step. 

Different Types of Templates

There is more than one type of workout programming template that you can turn to when creating your own program for clients. Some of the more common template types you might see include strength training, weight training, conditioning, or total workout. 

Strength Training

Any strength training program template you create will be designed around the goal of helping your client build up strength. This kind of template can include plenty of strength training exercises, including weight lifting. Sticking to a proper program is the best way for any level of athlete to work on strength training. 

Weight Training

Clients who want to focus on weight training will need to follow a program similar to a strength training program template. While many of the movements you include will involve weight lifting, you should include other types of full-body exercises as well. 


Conditioning templates are another popular type of workout program, and there are plenty of movements and routines you can include. Some of the more popular exercises found in conditioning program templates are lunges, battle rope slams, kettlebell swings, and renegade rows. With all of the movement options, there is plenty of room to create templates that can advance with your clients. 

Total Workout

A total workout programming template will include all of the work and reps needed to be completed by your clients. This kind of template is popular among endurance athletes, as it encourages clients to do as many repetitions as possible for each movement. Over time the total amount of reps should increase. 

9 Tips To Remember 

As you are creating your personal training program template there are nine tips to keep in mind. These can help you design the most effective program for your clients. 

Top-Down Planning

When creating a workout program template you should utilize top-down planning. This means you will create a program based on your client's goals and not individual exercises. 

Strength and Power First

Your program template should focus on strength and power before endurance. Make sure movements based on power and strength come at the start of the training session. 

Determine Repetition Ranges

Reps will vary for different exercises depending on what the exercise is meant to accomplish. Some movements might have five reps while others can have more than fifty. You need to determine the rep range for each exercise included in your template. 

Keep in Mind Recovery

Recovery is vital when training, so make sure you don’t leave it out of your workout templates. The time allotted for recovery should be in line with the intensity and length of the workout it follows. 

Look At Examples

Looking at a few examples for various personal training templates is a great way to get ready to design your own program. These can show you what an effective template will look like, and the kind of exercises you can include. 

Choose Simple Techniques 

You will want to keep your workout programming template fairly simple, with simple techniques. Your clients should be able to follow these techniques on their own, and they can’t do this if you make them too complicated. 

Individualize Each Program

In order to effectively help each of your clients, you should individual each of your personal training programs. They should be catered to your client’s personal goals. Keep in mind any exercises or movements they prefer to do. 

Consider Client Ability

You should perform an initial consultation with your clients and have them fill out initial forms, which will give you an idea of their fitness and health abilities. You need to keep this in mind when designing a personal training program for them. 

Consider Client Goals

Just like client ability, client goals should be considered when designing their personal training program template. The program needs to be able to help them reach these goals, and each movement included should be able to do this. 

In Conclusion 

You might not know where to start when creating your personal training program template, but following these six steps can help you build a great foundation. There are also beneficial tips you can keep in mind to make sure you are designing effective programs for each of your clients. 


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6 Step plan to Create amazing Programs for Any Personal Training Client