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June 29, 2021

5 great Reasons to start an online personal training business

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Personal Trainers
5 great Reasons to start an online personal training business
Cory McKane
Blog Post Summary:

Online coaching is an incredible way to start making more money and adding more clients as a personal trainer. Check out this article to learn why and how you can get started!

Here are the main benefits to starting your online personal training business:

  1. Work from anywhere
  2. Train more clients at once
  3. Train hybrid clients - online & in person
  4. Make more money
  5. Diversify your life & business

Okay, here we go:

1. Work from anywhere

Expanding into online training allows you to work from literally anywhere in the world. You can start to see these benefits even just starting out. Imagine, you get 3-5 clients online which allows you to take less hours in the gym. Now you can take Fridays off to travel or even just give yourself a 3-day weekend every now and then.

The more online clients you add to your database, the more time you can spend being with your family or growing your business even further!

2) Train more clients at once

A huge benefit to online training is the ability to train massive amounts of clients all at once. I know some trainers that have 20 in-person clients and their weeks are just packed. If you took that same trainer and gave them 20 online clients then their life would be a breeze… especially with client management platforms like WeStrive.

We have some trainers on WeStrive that have built up their network to have 50-60 clients and they tell us that they’re ready for more!

3) Train hybrid clients - online AND in-person

Having clients a day or two in-person and then a few days online is such an underrated way to train! Especially for those clients that have a long commute.

Not sure what I mean? For example, we have one trainer that does circuit-training with their client on Mondays, boxing on Tuesdays, and then assigns them at-home workouts on Thursday and Friday. It’s genius! That way, you can charge almost the same but only have 50% of the in-person hours you need to commit to. Plus, it’s amazing for the clients because they also benefit from the flexible training hours and not being committed to a specific time of day.

4) Make more money

At the end of the day, you became a personal trainer because you’re passionate about helping other people transform their lives… but at the end of the day (also) it’s a job and you need to make money.

Online training can take a long time to grow. Just like in-person training, you’ll have clients come in and out of your client list constantly. However, over time it can became an irreplaceable residual (add definition link) income source that can sometimes double your monthly income.

For example, you could still train in-person 30-40 hours a week but then also make $150/Client/Month and have 10 clients you train each month. Boom! That’s an additional $1500 per month going right into your bank account.

5) Diversify your life & business

Everyone’s heard the expression, “diversify your portfolio” when it comes to investing. Well, the same can be said for personal training for two reasons.

The first reason is ‘burnout’. Doing the same job (in-person training) for 30+ years can be exhausting. If you’re a few years into training and can add the online element to your business then you’re adding some excitement and variety to your life!

The second reason is ‘income diversification’. I think COVID-19 is a great example of why this is important. You never know what’s going to happen. Trainers that were already training online before April of 2020 were 100% set when COVID shut down the world. They were income diversified and instantly converted any in-person clients they had into online clients.

So with that all being said, when are you going to start online training?

Keep Striving,

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About the Author:

Cory McKane is the CEO/Founder of WeStrive - a platform for personal trainers to manage & grow their personal training business. He enjoys working out and spending time working with trainers on WeStrive on how to manage/grow their business.

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Written by
Cory McKane
CEO | WeStrive
Huge fan of fitness - Even bigger fan of helping you with your fitness. I've been building up the WeStrive platform for over 5 years and I'm excited to keep building out the greatest Health & Wellness platform on Earth.

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5 great Reasons to start an online personal training business