Grow your fitness business with a powerful personal training tool

Whether you're a personal trainer or a gym - Stop wasting time with clunky, slow software. Build programs faster, train more clients, and start focusing on growing your business.
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More than 1,000+ trainers & gyms are using WeStrive
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Give your clients a 5-star experience

Clients can follow workouts, track progress, & message their trainer. Trainers also can use the app to view activities, manage clients, and more.

Gabriela Rivers - WeStrive Trainer
I have been loving the app and I'm excited for the new things to come."
Gabriela Rivers -  Certified Trainer
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Get personal and add your brand

Get a free personal website complete with testimonials, pricing, contact info, sign-up forms, and more! Want more? Add your own custom branding to the mobile app as well.

Hear what coaches around the world are saying about WeStrive.

This app makes training so much easier. The training videos make the movements so easy for clients to follow along. Would definitely recommend for trainers of all experience levels.
Steven Warner -  Certified Personal Trainer
WeStrive Trainer - Steven Warner
My experience with the WeStrive app overall has been nothing but great! I highly recommend.
Nicole Merril -  Certified Personal Trainer
WeStrive trainer Nicole
The app is how easy to is to implement for myself and my clients. As with anything new, it takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out, it's a piece of cake!
Ray Cook -  Certified Personal Trainer
WeStrive trainer Ray

Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from other apps?

We can talk about our amazing features all day, but the two things that truly set us apart are WeStrive's ease-of-use and the fact that we truly listen to our coaches. Coaches constantly switch over to WeStrive from other platforms and rave about just how simple it is to manage their business. Once they've switched, if a coach has a question or suggestion ~ we're all ears! Our app was built based on the feedback of our users so we love to hear what you have to say.

Are there upfront costs?

Absolutely not. WeStrive is 100% free to get started. There's no sign-up fee or anything like that. We even give you your first client for free and a free website to send clients to.

What if I don't have any clients yet?

That's totally fine! A lot of WeStrive coaches are fresh into the online training world which is why we made WeStrive free to get started.

The old way of doing things is you would have to send clients to a website you tried to build on your own and then your client would have to download an Excel document that has your program in it.

Now, with WeStrive, we give you a beautiful free website and all the tools you need to manage/grow your business. So when clients are interested in training with you, you can instantly make them a program and have them follow it in our 5-star mobile app!

Is there a free trial?

Yes, 100%.

Every coach has a 14-day free trial. Plus, your first client is always free. If you currently only have one client, you won't even have to pay to use all the features on WeStrive.

As the coach, do I have an app as well?

You and your clients will actually be able to use the same app. Once you've made an account just login to the WeStrive App and you'll have your own trainer dashboard where you can manage clients, have group chats, and more!