Double your gym's Training Revenue through WeStrive

WeStrive is the ultimate all-in-one tool for personal trainers and gym owners. Build programs faster, train 3X the clients, and completely automate your business.

Excellent 4.9 out of 5
WeStrive nutrition tracking software

“The absolute best personal training app out there”

Ray Cook, Lead Personal Trainer

WeStrive To-do list feature

Manage your business and reports under one roof

Track everything from client fitness compliance to habit tracking to coaching interaction time and more. From these dashboards, you're able to track every activity that occurs in your business.

As an admin you can:

Manage multiple locations
Set team roles and permissions
Share templates across your gym
WeStrive client to do list
WeStrive habit tracking
WeStrive reminder tracking

Automate your personal trainer and client schedules

Don't waste your time re-doing the same task over and over again. Automate your everyday tasks with WeStrive.

Automate everything from habits to cardio
Customize your client's recurring schedule
Assign entire calendars to groups of clients

Want to see how automations work?

Introduce a new revenue stream to your business

If you're like most gyms, you probably have 100's of gym members that aren't currently working with a personal trainer. Well, most of those members are still looking for guidance when it comes to their fitness routines.

Why not offer them a subscription to a library of programs your coaches have already built?

With WeStrive you can -> and it's very easy to setup

WeStrive program library

Give your gym members a 5-star experience

Clients can follow workouts, track progress, & message their trainer. Trainers also can use the app to view activities, manage clients, and more.

Get personal and add your brand

Get a free personal website for your gym complete with testimonials, pricing, subscription libraries, sign-up forms, and more! Want more? Add your own custom branding to the mobile app as well.

WeStrive custom white label apps

Listen to WeStrive reviews from gym owners and personal trainers around the world

Highly recommend WeStrive

"If you are a gym owner or a personal trainer trying to up your game, grow faster, or increase revenue and overall customer experience - I highly recommend using Westrive."

Logan Jennings - WeStrive Trainer
Logan Jennings
Gym Owner

Loving this app

"The team is always asking for ways to improve based on our recommendations. They make changes based on major necessity and are open on making them."

WeStrive Trainer - Gabriela Rivera
Gabriela Rivers
Celebrity Personal Trainer

It's so simple to use!

"WeStrive offers a user friendly layout for both trainers and their clients. The simplicity of the program building features is fantastic! It help me to provide clients with specific, easy to follow training."

Amanda Kay - WeStrive Trainer
Amanda Kay
Certified Personal Trainer

Excellent Customer Service

"My experience with the WeStrive app overall has been nothing but great! I highly recommend.

Thank you!"

Nicole Merril - WeStrive Trainer
Nicole M
Certified Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other apps?

We can talk about our amazing features all day, but the two things that truly set us apart are WeStrive's ease-of-use and the fact that we truly listen to our gym owners and coaches. Gyms constantly switch over to WeStrive from other platforms and rave about just how simple it is to manage their business. Once they've switched, if a gym owner or a coach has a question/suggestion ~ we're all ears! Our app was built based on the feedback of our users so we love to hear what you have to say.

Are there upfront costs?

Absolutely not. The only upfront cost that would be incurred is if you choose to have WeStrive build a custom app for you.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, 100%.

Every gym has a 14-day free trial. If you need to extend the trial for any reason, feel free and just send us an email and we'd be happy to help.

Do the coaches at my gym have an app as well?

Yes absolutely. The coaches will login to the same app as clients and then have a completely different experience.

From the app, they can send group messages, track all clients stats, assign tasks, and much more.

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