8 Quick tips for getting started with WeStrive

Get started training on WeStrive

8 Tips for Quick Success

It's very simple to get started on WeStrive. Here are 8 tips, tricks, and strategies for not only starting on WeStrive - but for growing your personal training business.

Trainers that Strive - With WeStrive

WeStrive personal trainer Edward Willis

Edward Willis - Training during Covid

Edward has been training clients for years. As soon as COVID hit, he was forced to text workouts to all of his clients. With WeStrive, he can easily assign fitness plans for his clients to follow right from their phone.

"WeStrive has helped me provide a platform where I can give out effective workout plans & also keep track of client results all from home"

Ashley Olson - Scaling her online business

Ashley has been training online for over a year now. She switched to WeStrive so she can save time working with her current clients and spend more time growing her business.

WeStrive personal trainer Ashley Olson


Easily Start Adding Your Clients

Step 1 - Just add their email from the quick bar in the top right of your train.westriveapp.com Home page

Step 2 - That's it

Once your client downloads WeStrive For Clients (on both iOS & Android) they can start using it just by signing in with the email address you added.

Westrive calendar and client management tracker
westrive desktop program builder


Quick Tips On Program Building

1) Templates
You can save yourself hundreds of hours just by taking advantage of Templates. Every time you build a plan that you think is a good plan, just click 'Duplicate to Templates'.
Any template can be easily used and then assigned to any of your clients.

2) Copy/Drag Days
The ability to Copy & Drag days makes everything so simple. ESPECIALLY, if you have a warm-up/cool-down routine that you constantly use. If you want to have that every day, just add the warm-up/cool-down to a day and then duplicate that day across your week - and then duplicate that week.

3) Utilize your schedule
The scheduling tool under your client's profile makes your life so much easier. You're able to completely plan out your client's entire schedule with multiple programs, weigh-ins, and more!

4) Add your own exercise photos/videos 📸
We know this isn't possible for everyone, which is why we provide over 2000 photos & videos at your convenience. However, if you are able to add your own content, simply had to the Exercises tab and start adding your own content under My Exercises.


Everything You Need To Know About Client Profiles

Client App: iOS    Android

1) Macros & Lose It!

The number one thing on WeStrive that we've found trainers don't know about is the ability to track/schedule macros & our relationship with the Lose It! App

Through WeStrive, you can set your client's Macro-goals, see what meals they're eating, and see how they're performing based on their goals. The Lose It! App is free.

Read this collection of articles to learn all about Lose It! & WeStrive.

2) The Client App & your dashboard
Almost everything on the WeStrive Client App is connected to your client dashboard. You will rarely have to record anything for them. They can add their own bodyweight, progress photos, macros, etc. & then the app handles the rest!

3) Notes are private
Your notes are 100% private. Neither the WeStrive team nor your clients can see the notes you add to their profile. They don't have a notes page so add whatever notes you would like to!

4) Progress dropdown
Within the clients profile, you can track their Measurements, bodyweight, progress photos, personal records, and daily journal. From your client's mobile app - they can also track all of these. Anything they add to the app will get recorded on your website login as well.

5) Client Calendar
This is the absolute easiest way to manage your client's day-to-day. From your client calendar you can easily drag around the days within a month, duplicate days, and then auto-schedule.

You're able to auto-schedule messages, weigh-ins, and progress photos. Want to have your client weigh themselves on the 3rd Thursday of every month? Done ✅

WeStrive laptop client dashboard for trainers
WeStrive personal trainer landing page


Take Advantage Of Your Landing Page

Did you know that your WeStrive account comes with a free landing page?

The landing-page/website is a key part of growing your business, especially online. When a new prospect wants to know more about you, they're going to want to see your website. Why not have a website that has a bio, testimonials, and more!?

There are 4 Key elements to your personal Landing Page

1- Trainer Bio
Head to Settings - General

Your bio is very important because it represents who you are. Make sure you have taken some time to actually write out a full bio. On top of that, make sure you've added years as a trainer, location, and certifications since those will all be displayed.

If you need help writing your bio, check out this blog we wrote all about writing a professional bio.

2- Testimonials 
Head to Settings - Landing Page

You can now add up to 10 testimonials from your clients onto your Landing Page. Easily add their photo, profession, and a quote. Make sure you take advantage and add as many testimonials as you can.

3- Welcome Video
Head to Settings - Landing Page

It doesn't have to be a $10,000 video, but make sure you add a short video (we recommend about 1 minute) to introduce yourself. Keep in mind, some people might be coming from a referral and don't know who you are. Make sure you introduce yourself and tell the world what type of trainer you are.

4- Two very important links
Head to Settings - Landing Page

A) Your Sharing Link is the link to your actual landing page. Use this link on your social media so your followers can land on your page and then apply to train with you

B) Your Sign-up Link is the direct link you will send to people that don't need to see your landing page and can sign up immediately as your client.


Plan Out Your Entire Client's Journey With Calendars

We know you're busy so we wanted to make things easier for you.

From your training dashboard you can instantly schedule programs ahead of time, macro-tracking, progress photos, and weigh-ins all from your Client's Client Dashboard. We'll break down how it works below.

Each of these can be scheduled on a one-time or recurring basis. For recurring, you can select specific time-ranges like once a week, every 3 weeks. And you can even go as far as choosing the 3rd Thursday of every month. There is no limit on how you want to customize the schedule.

Schedule multiple programs for your clients in advance. Let's say you're going on vacation next week and you won't have time to make your client's programs. Here's a simple solution, just build the 2nd program in advance and schedule it to start as soon as the first one ends.

All you have to do is just hit 'Complete' on the first program (or your client can) and the 2nd program will automatically begin.

Schedule as many programs in advance as you want!

There's a ton you can do with macro-tracking. Check out this article to learn more!

To summarize, you can track all of your client's macros, assign calorie goals, see what foods their eating, and more!

Bodyweight & Progress Photo Tracking:
Easily assign weigh-in days & progress photo daysto your client's app. It's simple! You choose what day you want your client to weigh themselves or take progress photos and then BAM it appears right in their calendar.

Feel free and just assign it for, 'every 4 weeks' and then let your business be fully automated!

Add reminders to WeStrive client profiles
WeStrive on social media


3 Ways to use social media to grow your business on WeStrive

1- Let your followers know you're training online
How are you supposed to get online clients if nobody knows that you're training online...let the world know! Start by posting something like "I'm currently accepting 5 online clients for my Summer Bootcamp series" and then take it from there.

If your followers know you're a personal trainer, there are probably some of them who already want to train with you but just don't know how!

2- Get a custom link for your social media channels
Using a company like Shorby (seen in the screenshot) or Linktree can 3X your Online Training growth.

If you have multiple links you need to post, you can use these websites to create a mini-landing page highlighting your business.

Use Shorby to add:
- Your WeStrive Landing Page
- Your Personal Website
- Your Social Media links
- Any other products you sell
- A beautiful background photo

Now, it's all in one place for your followers to enjoy

3- Add your landing page to your bio
If you don't end up using one of the link-platforms above, then simply add your Landing Page to your social media bio's and let the world know that you're a trainer on WeStrive.


Refer Your Personal Trainer Friends & Start Getting Paid

Know any personal trainer friends that train online or are looking to start? Refer them to WeStrive and receive a month (or more) on us.

If they sign-up after their trial, WeStrive will credit your account for however much they pay that first month 🤑

If they sign-up for the $35 tier and you're paying $17/month...that's TWO FREE MONTHS of training all for you.

If we're making you happy, then tell your friends so they can be happy...and then you can get paid 😀

Just login at train.westriveapp.com and click the referral icon at the top of your page!

WeStrive will fund up to $35 to your account per trainer -
depending on the tier they select

Refer friends to westrive
WeStrive exerciser app workout


Building Out Your Exercise Library

Did you know that you can add your own exercises to WeStrive?

You can easily add your exercises as Youtube or Vimeo videos and then attach a photo to the exercise. Just head to the exercises tab in your trainer dashboard to get started.

The three reasons you should add your own content

1- Personalized
WeStrive provides you with over 2000 exercise photos & videos. For things that you don't use a lot like "Band Clam Shells" you don't have to have a video uploaded...but it gives that extra touch of personalization when you do.
Your client will love the WeStrive App + your program either way but adding your own content will make it that much better.

2- Customized demonstrations
Look, let's be honest, not everybody agrees on exercises. Our dumbbell lateral raise might involve a slightly different shoulder movement than you would like.

After taking over 2000 photos & videos (and we've re-done them at least four times), we are bound to mess up.
Take your own photos & videos is the best way to make sure that your clients are following the specific form that you want.

3- Add Photos too, not just videos
This isn't actually a reason to add content, but we highly recommend not just letting WeStrive automatically attach a photo to your exercise. The photo is optional when you're uploading but it's a best-practice to add a quality image for your clients to see when they're working out.

You only have to add the photo once and then every client you'll ever work with will see that beautiful photo instead of an image pulled randomly from your video.

Let's transform your personal training business

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and apps on both iOS & Android. Automate your business and make your clients happy while improving their health.

Save dozens of hours each month with our simplified website and app. Automate your business to almost run on it's own. Make your clients happy. What more could you want?

WeStrive mobile app train tab